Thursday, 29 September 2011

Friends Swap

i've been taking part in the friends swap organised by sew prim khris
This is what i sent (i know its been recieved so its ok to show you)

F- funipendulous - hanging by a rope or cord  (ok its on a ribbon but i thought it was in the spirit of the word)
R - racemation - cluster or bundle of grapes or any other thing  (a bundle of ribbon)
I - inunction - anointing, smearing or rubbing with ointment (yummy lush stuff)
 E eellogofusciouhipoppokunurious - good (eco fabrics, 2 FQ's and a bag)
N -nervure - vein of a leaf  (a little pin badge)
D - durative - continuing; not completed; undergoing transformation (chair backs and the like)
S - sacchariferous - bearing sugar (local delicacy!)
 As you can see i went for some interesting words, each explained on its own little gift tag
I quite enjoyed coming up with things for the word friends!

Don't forget the stocking swap i'm organising, click on the side bar button to find out more.


  1. Thank you for my lovely swap, it was great fun! Watch out for the postman you should get yours this weekend! H x

  2. lovely swap gifts, and so clever to allocate things to those huge words!


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