Monday, 28 April 2014

post easter catchup

What ho,
I've been away so here is a catch up - 
Easter Saturday was bonnet competition day at the figure skate club, here are ours -

 he he he, mine won a big Easter egg (which was carried by my son and he soon after claimed as his own.
We went to Disney last week,
tiny wore her mermaid skirt and i managed to get a good picture of it

I had the photos from Disney printed and gave the children each their won copy. I'm hoping to get the scrap books so they can stick them in. Tiny has already started playing with hers!


Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Mermaid skirt

What ho,
Firstly i must apologise. I've seen this skirt on the interweb somewhere but can't remember where.
Anyway, I've made Tiny one as i found some fabric in the off cuts bin at the market (for £1) that i though would work well and look fishy!
 Its scooped up at the front and has a frill all the way round so she can feel like she has a mermaid tail!

I need to tighten the waist band for her so will get a better picture when she wears it properly.
 Not sure why ferret had to be in the picture but apparently he did!

Monday, 14 April 2014

cake again.

I made cake with the kiddies.
Haven't sewn much. need motivation!
anyway - 
Tinys cake: muffins with very very pink icing
My lads chocolate cake, with butter cream and sprinkles
my hot cross buns (yummy)

Thursday, 3 April 2014

a quiet week

what ho,
 I've been having a quiet week. I made loads of cake at the weekend as my lad was having a bake sale at school
apparently this went very very quickly!
I have been sewing but its just a pile of soakers for skate club. I've been trying to use up any bits of fabric that are anything like the right size. I may return to some of them and see if i can patch work some bits together, would make the more interesting both for me to make and for the new owners :)