Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Book review - Knits for you and your home

Knits for you and your home - by Debbie Bliss

I've been lucky enough to review some of Debbie's book before and this one is just as beautiful.
It has 30 patterns for you and the home and is broken down into 4 sections (Indulge, Cocoon, Pamper and Detox).  They are all presented with the fantastic pictures that i have become accustom to, and the appropriate yarn charts.

The problem is.... well.... perhaps its just me but how much or what knitted things would i want around my house. Some of the projects i would think about (i do quite like the pouffe) but others, well....

The Pamper has things in that would make nice gifts (lavender hearts),

Cocoon has socks, snood and slippers, as well as a chair back (hum..)

Detox seems to be about organising , accessories holder (useful and a good present for knitters but then I'm sure most knitters have several of these already!), wine bottle covers (humm again), magazine holder (hum some more), storage pockets (fab but i think I'd be more likely to sew them).

and Indulge, some lovely cushions and a watch strap (anyone!)

All 4 sections have 'slouching about jumpers/shawls' in for you too so its not just the house that gets to have nice knits.

I showed my mum (who showed some of her knitting chums). They felt that it was abit, and i quote, 'scraping the bottom of the barrel, making things for the sake of it'

I think that if i hadn't seen any of the other Debbie Bliss books then I would love it but she has similar 'housey' makes in her other books which takes the shine of this alittle which is a shame as it is a beautiful book filled with interesting ideas, just not ones that grab me.

If you want a knitting book full of interesting gift ideas than this may suit.


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