Monday, 26 September 2011

Stocking Swap

 *** NOW CLOSED ***

Hi again (2 posts in one day, what has come over me!)
Anyway, its less than 100 sleeps away so i though it time to organise a swap with a christmassy theme.

As a small children we all recieved stockings from santa, filled with sweeties, things santa thought we'd fine useful (socks, hairbobbles and notelets for thank you letters), the odd toy and of course a tangerine! I still get a stocking because my mum does them for everyone and although she might moan a little about it she loves doing it and we love getting them.

So i thought i'd oragnise a swap so we can all have them

So to the swap 'rules'
It must include a stocking (bort or made)
and in this stocking you must put - 

A christmas decoration (again bort or homemade)
Nibbles (nuts, chocolate?)
Something useful (socks, fabric, ribbons, hairbobbles?)
Smellies (we always got bubble bath, i'm sure santa thinks i stink!)
Something to play with (fabric again, a small cuddly toy?)
and last but not least
the tangerine - or something that represents it

Hope you want to join in, leave a comment if you do, I'll pair evryone up on or around the 24th of october, swaps to be sent by 5th december to avoid the christmas rush (unless you decide differently with your swap partner).

Do grab the picture and pop me on your side bar and that. x


  1. I'm already doing a Christmas decoration swap and an advent calender swap, but I love swaps so much you can definitely count me in :) I still miss not receiving a stocking on Christmas day :(
    Sue Xxx

  2. Same here, please count me in! (I still 'do' stockings for my children even though they are 22, 20 and 17!) Sue x

  3. I can't believe I'm going to enter another swap but yes please add me in.

  4. Count me in please, yippee to receiving a Christmas Stocking! Thanks for dropping by my Blog and leaving a comment, I really appreciate it!

  5. Oh no! I'm already doing 2 Chrimbly swaps and you do this to me, I adore stockings so I'm just going to have join in aren't !?! Yep, count me in - I'm already jotting down ideas!

  6. Can you enter if not in the UK? A Swiss scientist ;-)

  7. Sounds like fun - please may I join in?


  8. Can you count me in please? I am moving houses in the middle of November so I may have to be paired with a partner who wouldn't mind a) posting to Switzerland; b)postpone the deadline to maybe the 10th of December?

  9. Ohh - I'd like to join in too please.
    Jo x

  10. Ohh - I'd like to join in too please.
    Jo x

  11. Sorry - I registered twicw last night - let's blame blogger!
    Jo x

  12. I am a 'swopping virgin' but it sounds like fun, please can I join in?
    Christine x

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