Monday, 31 October 2011

Half term and the like

Well i did managed to blog last week during half term, 
And i'd like to direct you here if you haven't entered my fabric giveaway yet . (you could win 1m of ikea christmas fabric, and some fat quaters of the daisy jane geo grandey type stuff!)

Here is some of my week - this is katy perry which i attended with my niece, her first gig (sorry its rubbish but i never claimed to be good at photos!)
The costumes were fantastic, worth it just for that!
On thursday i popped to the rag market in birmingham for a couple of things. It was a struggle but as i have no plans for it i managed not to buy up loads of this lovely christmas ribbon!
(how tempting!!!!!)

Then this greeted me on my way home and made me smile
On friday we went on a little holiday with grams and grandpuff (my mum and dad). The kids had no idea where we were going and no idea their grand parents would be there.
can you guess where we went?
(and yes, i was over excited that his little bit of the display had been altered to go with the lastest series!)

Suprisingly i managed to finish off a few things over the weekend (by sewing in the car!) and here they are.

Monster pencil case type things, christmas trees and angels. i have some green trees almost done too. Just hope they sell at the craft fairs.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Stocking swap - Pairs

What ho,
Ok, i'm a few days late - please forgive me.
Here are the stocking swap pairs.

Undomesticated scientist & Made in Suisse

Hope your swapping goes well. Yell if you have any problems and i'll try to help. Do let me know when you've recieved your swap and do blog it so we can all see what you got cos we are nosey!

Giveaway and stuff

What ho,
Its half term so i've been busy on the ice rink.
The giveaway is at the end so scroll down through the waffle or take alook, what ever floats your pirate ship!
Yes i did say pirate ship. i can hear the word pirate now with out wanting to kill everything pirate related. After days of excitement, last friday was my lads pirate day at sc hool,  i even had to make pirate ship toast!
Then we dressed him as a pirate and off he went to school. my problem was that he was still over excited and piratey when he got home, his sister joined in too and after being hit for about 2hrs with a plastic sword and having AAAAARRRRRR shouted in my ear i'd had enough!
Well, i have done some making, although with 3 kids round the house (our niece is staying for the holidays) its not that easy.
I've been at the bunting - what do you think?

As we have been iceskating i got the chance to pop into IKEA. they have their christmas fabric in (Hooray!).
 i had to get some
they also have some lovely red and white candy stripes, just plain red, but a lovely deep christmassy red and some fabric that is covered with international santas!
So to celebrate the release of the christmas fabric and my 200th post i'm haveing a give away.

You could win 1m of this lovely christmas fabric,
A set of fat quaters (6) of the daisy jane geo grandy fabrics (as seem in this post Fabric )
And a tooth monster  - in your choice of colour

And so - how to win -
leave me a message
you can gain bonus entries by
Likeing me on face book and leaving a message
Tweeting this giveaway and leaving a message
blogging it and leaving a message

I'll draw it by some random method (i usually use my kids and they are quite random!) on november the 10th, so get your entries in by 5.30pm GMT on the 9th so i can get the kids to draw it before they go to bed. Good luck.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

New Office

I've been moved down the corridoor to an 'new' office. well, its not really new, infact its so old it still contains some old style wooden lab benching! but its newish to me!
Here is the view from the window that greeted me this morning
And this is what i've sneeked onto my desk!

Yes, a bag of felt bits and a zipped pouch (made last night) which has small sissors, needles and thread in!Look out for a giveaway on my next post! as its post 200!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Tooth monster/fairy

as i made one for the Boy i've had to make a tooth monster for Tiny. 
Yes it pink and i needed wings apparently. It looks less monster and more fairy!

Anyway, i'm nearly at my 200th post so look out for a giveaway on that one! Any requests? Fabric is a given but would anyone fancy wrist warmers? a tooth monster/fairy!

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Getting making for craft fairs

Well, i'm trying to get busy making, i've signed up to 2 craft fairs this year. They may only be ittle church ones but i still have to have things to put on the stall.
 i've started on a pile of pencil rolls, and last night i attaempted a pencil case. Its the first time i've done anything zippered. I think i'll put horns on the next one.

The craft fairs are to be held near birmingham.
If you are near by do pop in - 
One is on 
Saturday the 19th of November
10am till 3pm
St Leonards Parish Hall
Marston Green

It will have craft and gift stalls
Tombola and raffles
Face painting

Monday, 17 October 2011

Cake again

I decorated the cake! that is before i became poorly and began sunding like a teenaged boy who's voice is breaking!
what do you think?

Thursday, 13 October 2011


Last night i made cake. 
Its not iced, i do that tonight (and if it turns out ok i'll share it with you next week!)
Its a number 1, for my friends little girly, done so her big sister can eat it too. (she has a proper tummy like me and doesn't deal that nasty gluten stuff that other wierd people eat!).

Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Thought i'd show you how the christmas decorations are coming along.
Penguins and robins: the backs look like this

christmas puds with christmassy fabric backs and finally - i've been faffing with odds and ends of felt to create something for the sewing directories christmas comp.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011


Well Today i'm waffling on about monsters.
I've made one for my lad and tiny is one!
Here is the lads monster - 
Its a tooth monster ready for when his tooth, that is beginning to wobble, comes out. He can put his tooth in the pocket and the monster will guard it till the tooth fairy comes and swaps it for cash! note the 2 rows of chomping teeth!
The other monster in our house at present is tiny. She's been having tantrums at school (inc. kicking etc). I had to see the head.  Just how i get a 4 year old to not have tantrums when shes at school i'm not sure. I agree that she needs to grow up abit but if you can make a child grow up a little does the head not think i would have done that after the 1st one! And don't get me started on her toileting!!!!!!!!! (or lack of it!)

Deeps breaths and more sewing needed i think!

Monday, 10 October 2011


AAAAARRRRGGG, landlubbers and all that piratey talk.
My lad is doing pirates at school and so i have to produce a pirate outfit. i could just go with the stripey tee shirt but thought i'd russel up something else for him. I'm not going as far as the stuffed parrot on the sholder but i am attempting a piratey waist coat type thing
Although i suspect its a bit big and may end up looking like a christmassy shepard jacket! (i promise to take pictures when he's in his outfit)

I have been up to other things but can't show you as i'm planning on entering them in the sewing directories christmas comp. i'll show you them when i don't win!

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The gallery - colour

Think the picture covers colour -
We were at stratford butterfly farm. we've taken the kiddy winks several times (its not too far) and now they don't run away screaming we get to enjoy the beautiful colour on display.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Swap things and sunday night makes.

This morning i had a lovely large parcel at work, it was my goodies from the friends swap -
F is for fabric
R is for rug (mug rug)
I is for items for sewing
E is for edible
N is for needlecase (in my favourite colour - orange)
D is for decoration
S is for scented

Lucky lucky me, thank you Heather, This has cheered me up on a day when my experiment has gone all wrong.
Ok, on to what i made on sunday night -
Skate covers for the kids skates. The blades will still get bashed up but at least the covers will provide some protection while in transit. If anyone is interested i can show you how they were made. TTFN