Wednesday, 27 July 2011

more swap stuff

hi, well yesterday i recieved my exciting ball of wool from Rae sent as part of laalaa's magic ball swap.
Me being me i couldn't wait to unravel it so sat at work unrolling it all (he he he). yes i am the person that prods presents and lifts a bit of the paper up to see whats inside well before its supposed to be opened.

Look, lots of sweeties (some of which i had already scoffed by the time i managed to get a camera out!), fabric, pins, needles, a lovely little bag (appropriated by tiny), an eyeball ball (which flashes and has been claimed by my lad) and a beautiul felty flower which can be a necklace or a broach. I wore it yesterday on a trip to the market to hunt out some fabric for a gift i have to make and a lady commented on just how lovely it was.
Here is what i sent rae - a very interestinly shaped ball of wool, full of goodys and something to keep knitting needles in. i can't remember what i've hidden in the ball so it will be a nice suprise!

It may look like i've been slacking (and i have abit) but this is the pile of furry things on my table at the moment, think i've gone abit overboard on monster bags. I don't seem to beable to do things in ones ot twos, no i have to go make 10 or more of everything and afetr that i have to wonder what to do with them!

Anyone want a monster bag at all? pink, blue, orange or green avalible soon!

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Swap goodies

Well i've been signed up to a few swaps lately, and here are the pictures of the first one. This was kanipandis fabric swap,
I was paired with Baujke and this is what i sent:

A little bag with pockets inside and out, Some fabric scraps that were large enough to do things with, some bits and bobs (trim, buttons, beads etc) and 5 fat quaters of fabric.

My parcel from Baujke arrive yesterday and i was very excited opening it, i recieved some loverly fabric (there is a large piece of the strawberry one), some trimmings and some cute little dollys and a mouse all tucked up in their beds. I think tiny will be looking after them all!

Lucky me!

Monday, 25 July 2011

Monday Monday

What ho all, Its monday again and as usual i've been slacking over the weekend.
Friday was tinys birthday, Her big brother had been weaving a basket at after school club, which he gave to her as an extra gift! (its in the middle of the pictures as tiny insisted her new miffy slipper were in the shot too!

On saturday instead of sewing i went for a horsey riding lesson (Hooray for groupon!). Me and the kiddy winks went, i now have a sore bum but it was lots of fun. we have another in a couple of weeks!

I'm ok at it but then i have ridden before (girl guide trip about 20 years ago!!!). The boy is abit of a natural and tiny spent the whole time giggling!
I also recieved a message saying that my boys shorts (avalible on folksy here ) had been featured on an alternative folksy friday put togeather by cheerymishmash - cheers!
Yesterday i did do some sewing - i finally started on something for myself. I bort the fabric ages ago but just haven't got round to it. The skirt i'm making is one of those things that you think will take ages, despite having made one before which didn't takelong at all!

Its half done, just needs a 'bottom'. I also cut out another in some fab orangy fabric i have, its the one the chicken on the end is made from
Well, wonder what i'll get made this week?

Sunday, 24 July 2011

silent sunday

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Blood and cake

Yesterday i escaped a little early from work to do something i consider to be important. I visited this place
I've been getting very polite begging letters for a while cos i rubbish at getting the time to go, but yesterday i followed the sign

I know some people are scared of needles but it really isn't that bad. The staff are loverly and yes, it does hurt a little but i like to think of why i'm doing it, just how much more pain the people who need my blood are in. I signed up to give blood when i went to university, and there have been times when i couldn't give any (pieceings, tatoos, pregnancy - you can find the list here) but i've always returned. 
Since then i've had friends who have needed to have blood (one during a traumatic birth) and i've been thankful that people have donated theirs to help my friends. I like to think that one day the blood will be there if I or my children or frends etc need it. And if i want it to be there for them then i have to give too and encurrage others to give aswell so go sign up today!
And if you need any more encurragement these pictures should help - 
You can get fab stickers for the kids and you get a nice cup of tea and a snack afterwards.
Ok its not this sort of cake
 (i baked it last night for tinys at nursery birthday party today!) but there is a nice choice of biscuit, chocolatey wafer things, crisps and fruit (although i'm not sure who would want fruit, if you need an excuse to scoff biccys then giving blood is it!)

So - go give blood - do something amasing, only 4 % of people who can, give blood but we all rely on it!

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

The gallery - Vintage

Hi all, Today i have 2 pictures for the gallery
First - My cake mixing bowl
It belonged to my Great Auntie Dorry (short for Doris) who was one of my mums mums sisters (nanni was one of 10). Dorry never had any children of her own so my mum and other cousins were always spoiled by her. We used to visit her and stay with her when i was little. When she moved into a home, my dad and i cleared her home, sending vartious bits of furniture off to different relatives who wanted/needed it. I gained this bowl, it may not be that exciting but its fantastic for making cake!

The other picture i have for you is a shot of my special coffee spoons. I aquired them a good few years ago at a church bazeer (sorry if i've spelt that wrong). My mum (and therefore I) would help run the second time around stall and i gained many an interesting item over the years of helping on the stall. These spoons were there one year and i couldn't resist. I've never used them, maybe one day when the kids are older (and have less chance of loosing or eating them) i'll get them out!
They have little red or green coffee beans on the end!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011


I've been busy making things for the swaps i'm involved with but i don't want to show you until they have been recieved by their new owners (rae and helen moonstruck can i have your addresses please!) 
Instead i'm going to show you tinys friend who she took to her birthday party on saturday.
It may have been a teddy bear adventure but Tiny insisted on taking her ferret! They all had a fab time at the parkridge centre in bruton park solihull. They all went hunting for nice things for their various animals liked to eat and then built shelters for them before a nice birthday tea. I would recomend it to anyone who lives round there who is in need of a kiddies party, something completely different (they do fairy hunts, bug hunts, pond dipping etc partys too!) and Tiny now has an adopted dormouse for the year. She insists that the dormouse is a pink one - obvious really!

Monday, 18 July 2011

Monster bags

Hi chaps,
Well after a weeekedn of making cake (see last post) with icing that kept melting in the heat and going on teddy bear adventures in the woods for tinys birthday party i foolishly showed my lad some 'fluff' i bort on friday. 'Whats it for' he asks. 'I'm going to make you a bag 'said i. Well that was it, i wasn't allowed a moments peace until the bag had been created, and then i had to make a pink one!

They both love them. the idea came from this loverly lady here, can't claim any credit!
I put red inside the lads one, looks like a real mouth inside. Tiny has bunny fabric in hers!

Saturday, 16 July 2011

tinys birthday cake - number 1

Thursday, 14 July 2011

poorly tiny and some swap stuff

What ho chaps! 
Tiny has been ill this week. She went on her visit to big school (she starts reception next sept) on tuesday am. I dropped her off at nursery afterwards and about an hour later i got the call. She has a temperature and only ate one dinner rather than the usual 2! 
I had yesterday off with her too, no work work got done but i did manage to get on with making some things for the swaps i'm involved with, If you don't want a sneeky peak look away now

In the works of rolf harris - can you tell what it is yet????
Tiny has gone off to stay with my mum and dad for a couple of days to get well before her big birthday party on saturday! (AAAARRRRRGGGGG justrealised i have cake to make!)

Monday, 11 July 2011


Well i've been abit rubbish this week, only one post last monday and then nothing. I usually try and get atleast 2 posts in a week. I've been abit off this last week, very tired, snoring alot (according to hubby!) and feeling generally yuk. Not totally yuk but just a little bit yuk. It means i've been sitting on my backside alot rather than doing anything much. I get like that sometimes, I have a massive pile of things i want to make but there is never enough time, the day job gets in the way rather alot but it does pay the bills and allows me to play with chemicals and blood (add vampire type laugh here!)

Although i say i've been up to nothing i did manage to finish off 2 dresses i made for a friends 2 girls. I don't know if any of you remember (and you probably won't cos you have your own life to be getting on with which are far more exciting) tinys bustle back dress which if you can view if your interested! Afetr seeing it my friend asked if i could make some for her girls, i agreed and set too trying to adjust the pattern, which was approx an aged 3ish pattern, for a 6 year old and a 6month old!!!!!!
Good job the pattern is quite forgiving and her 6 year old is slim. i couldn't get my lad to test this dress for me (not even for sweeties!) which shows just how girly it is!
I'd like to apologies in advance for the photos, i snapped the quickly on my grubby green carpet yesterday before popping them round to my chums house. I really hope they fit!

Monday, 4 July 2011

Pattern testing again

I did another pattern test over the weekend for DMK patterns (i did one before - see here) This time for a little romper suit. I let tiny into the fabric stash and she selected  rfabric for me to make it with. While i was at it i made a smaller one for my friends little girl for her birthday.

The pockets were abit tricky 

But they do look good, as do the little elastic caseings on the legs
This is the finished gift for my friends little girl
And this is the one i made for tiny

Only if i make one again, it will have to be darker as small girls with pale bottoms will always find mud to sit in!!!
Tiny loves it, what do you think? should i make her another one? and what colour should i go for?