Monday, 12 September 2011


Morning all,
Well, my chum mel got married on saturday and it was beautiful. She put some much time into making it a very special day. You could see the whole thing had Mel's special touch all over it, so much attention to detail.
I though i'd show you some pictures of the day, the little things i helped out with and the amazing thank you i recieved.
Back in june (or was it july, i can't quite remember that far back) i spent a saturday helping mel with her dress. She felt it was a little too long and dragged on the floor. So i went round and togeather we took it up a little and attached loops and hooks so it could be 'hitched' up for dancing. We had to go before the dancing started cos of very sleepy children (and husband) but here is the frock (isn't she beautiful)

Mel made the Green bow (she had a tarten one for the dancing!)
its important that brides are given c**p at weddings, aka good luck things. Mel had placed a ban on plastic horse shoes so i made a ribbony one. Tiny enjoyed giving it to her.

After the main pictures, we all through confetti. The place they had the do didn't allow normal confetti only petals. I collected a bag full in the morning from my rose bush but we had to get it checked by the confetti monitor.
(i made the badges!)

Then onto the meal (and very very yummy it was too)
All the place settings had personal lables on made in clay by mel

(yes we labled the lad!) the flowers on the tables were in little pots made by her
(we got to take one home) and the table centres were amazing partical articals
on our table was a test tube pest - he was my amazing thank you! (just how cool is he!)

Here is the cake, and yes its covered in flowers, butterflys and has a catapiller sneaking about at the bottem. There was also lots of gluten free cupcakes (which i got to road test as 33years of gluten free diet does mean i'm an expert!)
Although they had requested no gifts i had to make her a little something. I have a thing about giving people toast racks as a wedding gift (drunken pub story!)
I did buy a toast rack but made this to go with it

Its sort of quilted, with the words toast and toast rack! It aslo has a poem written under the arches of the rack, I'll blog it if ayones interested and if tiny hasn't made snow flakes out of it!
Thank you mel for inviting me to be part of your big day. x

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  1. What a lovely looking wedding, and so many beautiful handmade goodies, particularly like your test tube creature in a vase :)
    Sue Xxx


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