Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry christmas everyone. I can't send you all a card so here is one i made earlier
And here is one from the kiddy winks

And to brighten it all up and make it extra festive, some of the pretty lights in brum.

Hope you all have a fab time, no idea if i'll get to blog again before the new year so if not see you all there.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Something christmassy

Tiny loves her reindeer outfit! I think she'd wear it all day every day if she could! makes me laugh though!

the gallery -white

here is my fav 'white' picture. Its my friend Paul, taken while we shared a house at uni!
he he he

Monday, 6 December 2010


I am hoping to get some PJ's made for the kiddy winks for christmas. so far i have cut some out and zig-zaged the edges. what do you think of the fabric?

The icecreams are for tiny, the dinosaurs for my little nephew and the construction  one is making 3 pairs of PJ's bottems for my son and 2 god sons (planning to get white t-shirts and applique something on them.
still have some of the flannel left. Any ideas what to do with it?

Thursday, 2 December 2010

We are Birmingham

What ho!
what is 'We are Birmingham'? well its a fantastic new shop thats opened in birmingham (DALE END), it sells things that are handmade in birmingham and they have accepted some of my work!

was so excited that i took piccys of my things (and some hats my mum made) on display, i even have things in the windows!
 mums hats
 lavender hearts and storage bags
 notebook covers
 christmas things
 chicken door stops (named by the kids: Rocky, Baby baby, Hot chocolate and Funky!)
 more christmas things behind the counter

lavender heart and felt stars in the window
and decorations on the christmas tree!