Thursday, 31 May 2012

Jubilee swap goodies

I join in with a jubilee swap organised by the lovely Helen and sue. I was paired with this lovely lady and this is what i sent to her:

A jubilee mug and union jack coasters,
A handmade bag and a knitting pin roll,
cheesy nibbles,
Wool and crochet cotton (i used more of this as packaging to keep the mug safe!)
Some solid hand cream from lush,
flowery stickers
and a couple of other little loveys, all topped off with postcard from my fair city!

I received my parcel when pootling up the road, the postman stopped, checked my address and gave me the parcel! so it came ice skating with me and tiny!
Tiny made me open it on the train and had a fab time doing lots of unwrapping!
tiny and the big bag

 seeds for the children to grow (tiny was very excited!

 chocolate (this lasted all of 5 minutes!), jubilee tissues, ribbons, cross stitch, nice soap, keyring and
 lovely beads, something for me to try when the sewing machine gets serviced
 crochet coasters (my lad has swiped the navy one as its a boy colour!
 and this beautiful shawl as modelled by tiny, how lucky am i!
Thank you sue and Helen for organising the swap and thank you to my fab partner!

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

jubilee boys

After yesterdays frocks heres one for the boys

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

More jubilee frocks

I've been in hibernation creating more jubilee frocks.
 Firstly something a little different. This come together nicely and the 2 fabrics work well (they are both flaggy after all!)

I couldn't resist a little flag for the button tag. I found this much easier then adding a ribbon or a button loop and think I'll be doing it in the future as i think it looks quite cool!
Then 2 dresses, same style as previous but in different fabrics.

 The lady these are being posted off to today has already purchase one frock (a big union flag one like tinys), but came back to me asking if i could create more for her other 2 daughters. I couldn't get more of the large flag fabric but i think the 3 of them will look fantastic in this trio of frocks (i popped tinys in the middle to see what it looked like).

Monday, 28 May 2012

giveaway winners

What ho,
 I've finally got round to writing a post with the winners of the giveaway

The fat quarters were won by Laura
 and the bag by southerngal

 Well done you too, hope you like your prizes.

And as it was my birthday, here's my lovely presents
Buttons, chocolates, a necklace and a tardis - it has draws in and I've filled it with bobbins and feet for the machine!
 My brother got me this - splendid fellow!

Monday, 21 May 2012

Giveaway day

Over at sew mama sew its giveaway day, it fits in fantastically with my birthday and the fact that i was planning a giveaway to celebrate 100 facebook likers!

So, what up for grabs
Firstly a bag, all green and limey (with pockets inside and everything)


a fat quater each of these fabrics.

I'll do them as 2 prises so do say which you'd rather win or if your not bothered.
 Draw will be open till the end of friday (25th approx 10pm uk time) and i'll post the winner over the weekend (or at the lastest monday). please make sure that if your a no reply blogger type that you leave me a way of contacting you.

So leave me a comment saying what the best beverage in the world is!
 good luck:)

Thursday, 17 May 2012

In which i need some help!

What Ho!
OK, i need some help
I need ideas, suggestions etc
 My big brother gave me this to salvage

Its his old snow board bag. Its huge (well it did hold a snow board).  the zip must be 5 foot at least. It has lots of handles and a padded bit in the middle (the outsides are padded too). 
It has some damage
Which is why hes binned it out.
What do i make with it!!!!!!!!!
please help with ideas! or if you think you could use some of it just say i'll happily swap bits of it for 'smaller' things!

Monday, 14 May 2012

Buzz Buzz Buzz

This is Tinys new bee bag, didn't take too long to make either! Think i will have to make more as i have left over fluff! Tiny has complained that he doesn't have a stinger! Doesn't stop her carrying him about and letting him sniff flowers!

In other areas, the weekend has been good, my lad did country dancing/maypole dancing at the church may fair on Saturday
sssshhhh don't tell his hockey chums.
Also made this last night, its for my niece for her birthday, its abit big and not remotely seasonal but should be great in the autumn when it gets chilly.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Finished something

I finally finished making these bags,

they seem to have taken ages, but then i have been doing alot of sitting about watching telly in recent evenings, think the 2 year droop as come! i start something new, get all excited and really into it and about 2 years later it wilts away! i don't want sewing to wilt away, i have too much fabric to let it do that! i love making things and dressing tiny in individual clothes, and making gifts for friends.....
must make to to make list and get on with it, bee bag next!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Long weekend

OK - error alert, i forgot the picture of the dress last week so here it is
Thursday the school was closed for voting so we made biccys
some interesting shapes for gingerbread! Dino poop, and stabbed rabbits!
Friday was non uniform - French day, i sent them in blue a red and white, tiny had ribbons in her hair and my lad had a beret grams knitted.
and Saturday was ice hockey match day
 while they boys got ready for the match me and tiny managed to visit the market and get fabric to line some bags I'm trying to make,
they do match well but won't come out on the picture!
Tiny made me buy her this too,
Now its going to become a 'Bee@ bag but do i make it like the monster bags and just pop wings on the back or do i try and make it like a roll with a zip on the top?

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

world book night

World book night is a celebration of reading. Book are left in places/ passed on so many people can enjoy them (visit for more info).
 My office mate had this book on her desk, i picked it up and started reading and now I've finished its time to pass it on, If you'd like it to read leave me a comment and i will contact you for your address, the only rule is that you have to pass it on.
The alchemist - it is the story of a Shepherd boy from the Spanish province of Andalusia who dreams of travelling the world in search of a treasure as desirable as any ever found. From his home he journeys to the exotic markets of north Africa and then into the Egyptian desert, where a fateful encounter with the alchemist awaits him......

More cake and another dress!

Its all cake and dresses this week!
Cupcakes for my lad to take for his friends at ice hockey tonight

I got a mould which makes little hockey shapes (pucks, skates etc) but i didn't get on too well, all i managed to make was a chocolate shirt and 2 pucks!

The dress is for my friends little girl, just because! she has to have an other operation soon so made this to cheer her and her mum up. x
Just need to decide what sort of button to use on the back.... suggestions welcome.