Wednesday, 21 December 2011

I finished my christmas sewing!!!

I did it, i finished my christmas sewing before christmas this year! last year it ran on into january! (ok. ok, i have some buttons to sew on tonight but its still before christmas!)

I have achieved 4 duvet covers for my godsons, 2 in this browny colour and 2 in a green - same fabrics but green. I would have gone for blue but couldn't find any nice patterned flannel that was blue, patterned, didn't cost a fortune and was not babyish!

Here is a brown one modeled my my sons bed!

They have matching pillow cases as well (the backs of the duvets are cream like the pillow cases).

Just hope they like them!
Anyway - Here's me signing off till after christmas so Have a great time, eat lots and all that festive sort of thing. 

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Christmas jumper!

The Bullring Bull has his knitted christmas jumper on!

Monday, 19 December 2011

monday before christmas!

Well, we are into the last week before christmas as i still haven't finished sewing all the presents!
I have nearly finished some bunting but still have 4 duvet covers and 4 pillow cases to complete! And nothing is wrapped yet!!!!!!

We've just done secret santa at work (which has made me realise just how close it is) - 
A very well chosen gift - don't you just love the wrapping paper (a scientific paper! boys!!!!)
Also for today i have a picture of once of the plates i pimped last week - 
and finally some fab fridge magnets. My cousin makes these and i swapped them for a phone cover. arn't they fab!

If i don't make it onto here again before christmas - Merry christmas, hope you have a good time and may doctor who's christmas special make you smile. x

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Pimp my table!

Pimp my table!
Thats what i did last night!
Me and my chum (laughing snail) went on a trek down to the big bad londinium (for some reason i like using the roman name for the city, its some how nicer!!!!)
There we attedned an ETSY event  called pimp my table!
Here is the description of it 
'Bring the dull dishes hiding in the darkest corners of your cupboards and re-design them using special ceramic-friendly pens from creative compadres at Pebeo! Etsy illustrator Heidi Burton will be on hand to help you with your designs.'

So......  This is what i managed to do with my limited 'art' skills!

I have one more plate i did and assuming it made it home in one piece (i was just too tired when i got back home and to busy this morning what with non-uniform day and excited kiddies to check it!) i'll take a snap and post it for you.
It was a lot of fun, and i could be quite tempted by some of the pens although hubby may disagree!

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Red sash

I went with a red sash on the frock - it does look good! (even if i do say so myself)
Hope she likes it!

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

christmas things with frocks and cake!

What ho,
I feel like i've spent the last few days asleep which is amusing because tiny fell asleep while doing her nativity play yesterday! the head teacher had to take her off for a nap!!!! (well, its better then her falling off the bench while snoozing!)
Although i feel like i haven't done much i have achieved some creating!

I made cards with the kids, there is so much glitter on my carpet it looks like a fairy has been sick in there!

I got on with sewing a frock for a friends little girl. its like tinys but in a different fabric,

I think it needs a sash, but in the holly fabric or a red one?

I made cake too, dundee cake for christmas (and one for a chap at work, we have a long standing joke about dundee cake so i make him one every christmas) and chocolate cake for work because my work friends think chocolate cake is better then a piece of card with a festive picture on!

Thursday, 8 December 2011


What ho! I went out last night!!!!!! a work meal (and very yummy it was too and all the better cos i didn't have to pay for it!) Anyway, it gave me the chance to finally wear the dress i made for myself in september. SO here i am in it, sorry the photos not great by my hubby isn't the best at taking snaps of frocks!
The other frock for todays post is tinys. I still have to tie off ends and put the buttons on (i didn't fancy that last night!) but it looks rather cute!

(Yes she was caught mid cough in this picture!)
The fabric has snow flakes and funny reindeer on.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

The Gallery - My Awsome Photo

I haven't joined in with the gallery in a while, but have decided it time to join in  again and this week it my awsome photo.
I'm torn between 2 to be honest, one is 'arty' and the other of the best things in the whole world. 
Your votes please!

Monday, 5 December 2011

Blog swap and frocks

Hi, Well i have tried to be busy but the sofa and chocolate keep sucking me in! 
Tinys frock has progressed 
I just need to turn it under (mostly pinned and just needs sewing), tie off all the ends and add a tie at the back so she can have a bow (will also help it look better cos shes a skinny minnie and this is a 'normal' child frock (i would say normal sized child but nothing about tiny is normal!)

I've just sent off my stocking swap to switzerland and i'll show you it when i know its arrived safely!
 In the meantime (oooooooooooo, sorry, got a spacehog song in my head then!) I can show you what i recieved in faith hope and charities -  christmas charity swap
We had to send a handmade something, a christmas decoration, something from a charity shop (etc) and up to 2 other items.
I sent - a crochet roll (sewn by me) containing crochet hooks sourced from the local charity shops. A pair of wrist warmers made by my mum (cash to her church fund), A pair of small plastic christmas tree dishes complete with chocolates (charity shop and scout fair), a cath kidson pink christmas tree candle (charity glamour day, total bargin!!!!!) and some homemade christmas decs.
I've been in such a tiz that i forgot to take any pics!
I have managed to take a couple of pics of what the lovely katie from over at dazed but enthused sent me.

 yum yum, parcels!
The small ones held tweezers, buttons and nail varnish,
 the larger ones held these...

Now, time for a nice warm cuppa. x

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Getting christmassy

Well its the first day of December, Things are beginning to get christmassy. The german market is now in full swing here in birmingham and i'm beginning to get into full panic mode as i'm sure i'll never manage to make all the things i need to before christmas! 
well i won't if i keep procrastinating and falling asleep at 8.30pm!

I sneaked out of work a little early yesterday and had a quick pootle around the market. I bort doughnuts as a treat for the family and then opposite this 
(Think beer)

I found this 
i didn't buy anything but it was exciting to find a pop up bazaar!
I have started tinys christmas frock, (cute reindeer, i have got her a matching head band with little antlers on!)
but i have one more to make and 4 duvet covers and bunting and some christmas decs and cake and and and. 
Think i could do with having the last week over again!
 Are you making for christmas this year, and if so, are you ready!!!

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

New office friend.

Here is my new friend in the office!
Its a Dalek, its orange, its a scientist - Its a sign!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, 28 November 2011

Parcel of fabric

Well, mum brought my parcel of things that i ordered from Abakhan with the voucher i won in the sewing directories christmas comp. Along with lots of bits and bobs was one of their lucky dip fabric bags. Its £14.99 and you get 20+ meters of fabric. I was very excited by mine!
 Some splighty sparkly green, lovely chocolate brown, some suedey stuff, some interesting white snow like stuff and some net. red and, as if someone at Abakhan know me well, orange with sparkles!
 Some pink linen, red cotton, pale blue cotton, Slipperly pink with blue bits and some black, what i think is, oil cloth!
Also in their was some more red cotton, some purple lining fabric, some tarten, and yellow and sandstorm cottons. Their was also some silver stuff which i know from my mum having to sew with it years a go is a (add own expletive here!), some bright red lace which look like a tarty old grannys pants! and some lime green lining fabric. These 3 will be finding their way to tinys old nursery to see if they can use them.
 Also hidden in there was this

There are 2 of these panels on this bit of fabric, i'd make the kids santa sacks but they have them already! something to put away and think about!

A lovely fabric haul if i do say so myself. 
But to end an amusing tiny picture, she tested my new boots!

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Things going in my shop.

I'm worried. I can't help it. Tiny has been having toileting issues at school (shes soiling). Had to send her in pull ups which isn't really going to help her but i can't be fetching her everyday and having her smell interupt class! Think she needs a trip to the doctors.
on a brighter note i have things to put in my folksy and esty shops. do visit them if you like anything!