Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Great health care professional.

The year is 1978, I was a tiny little girl, far too tiny with stick legs and a swollen belly like a famine child. I could fill a baby grow with poop so smelly my dad could tell mum was changing a nappy before he entered the house! and when i mean fill, i mean fill, it was coming out of the neck and cuffs! Mum had just told 'she didn't like smelly nappies!' but she knew my poo wasn't right.
She took me to see a different doctor, a newly qualified locum doctor because i had nappy rash all up my back. He listen to my mum as she told him all my symptoms, thought for a moment and said, i think shes coeliac. I've never seen one but she has all the classic symptoms i've read about in books. I was refered and yes i was, am and will always be coeliac (gluten free).
He saved my life, i was too weak and malnurished to have survived any childhood illness.

mummy from the heart  with the reasons behind this post and the save the children petition


  1. It is a dreadful condition, when i did my Health Science Degree we had a unit which we shared with Nutritionalists and they often spoke about what a debilitating disease this was. You were lucky to be diagnosed so early!

    I will pop over and see the petition xx

  2. Oh my, poor you suffering like that so young, but it's great they were able to diagnose you so young to prevent it causing further problems x

  3. thank goodness for that locum doctor - thanks so much for taking part

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your story and for adding your voice to the campaign, it is very much appreciated


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