Tuesday, 31 January 2012

cat chocolates!

Yes, the title does say cat chocolates! These chocs are not for cats though, they were mine. a chum brought me them last week as a thankyou for mending some of my clothes gift!
couldn't decide if they were cat toungs (which the name sort of suggests) or kitten poos!
they were tasty though!
Been faffing with an other frock, will show you when its finished as at the mo it looks like this


Monday, 30 January 2012

Another new frock

What ho,
 I made another frock over the weekend and finished off the demin one.

Ok, its short on tiny but she does love to model!
Here's the new one - 

This will be going on sale with the demin one soon.
I managed to get a good shot of the orange frock i made tiny a couple of weeks ago, I'm still not convinced its her colour,
And so he's not left out, here is my lad in the beginnings of his cowboy costume, I'll pop a piccy on when he does cowboy day at school so you can see the finished article!

Thursday, 26 January 2012

more flower power

Ok, i finished putting the little frock togeather, i still have ends to finish but its basically done. It took a while longer than planned but its turned out nicely!

Its not lined just bound at the neck and arm holes, being demin i think its more of an over teeshirt frock anyway, does look cute though and has given a really nice finish.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

flower power

I ment to show you all this yesterday but forgot to bring the phone to work, no phone means no pictures (and yes i'm currently munching my lunch while doing this!

I have finished off the flower as i had to buy more thread yesterday (hence the unattached patch of petal in the picture.) I'm hopeing to get it finished tonight and put into my folksy or esty shop tommorrow. its an age 2-3 if anyones interested!
I could have finished it last night but i was tired again, i seem to be dogged by it (prehaps slothed would be a better word!). Oh well, 

Monday, 23 January 2012

school dogs and hockey.

Well, the sewing got delayed again, its been a busy old weekend here.
Tiny brough home the school dog! Well its her classes hand puppet dog called woof which, for any one who's had such an item come home knows, has to go everywhere with us for thew weekend and write up his diary! 
Woof went swimming, (well was stuffed in the locker), woof went ice skating
and then woof went to an ice hockey match! My lad was the mascot (v.proud mummy) - guess which one he is all lined up for the handshakes!

our team (ENL Blaze) won (5-2) so my lad is considered a lucky mascot! He got his program signed by all the players! Woof also got his program signed by all the players! (they must think i'm nuts!)

Tiny has been doing the story of the ginger bread man at school so on sunday her, woof and the lad made ginger bread things!

So now woof is back at school, his diary full and i can hopefully get on with some sewing tonight - i think tiny is suggesting a red frock with frills!

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Frock Fail

After making the raglan sleeved peasent type frock for tiny i had an idea. For me this is a rare and suprising occasion so i felt i must go with it! 
I wanted to use the peasent frock as a base but make it A line instead of straight, and to only have the gathering on the sleeves so the front and back would lie flat - this sort of thing.
As you can see i went with making it with the last remaining large pieces of the nice sheet, thats made 4 lovely frocks so far! I thought that if it worked it would look nice but if it failed it wouldn't really matter and i'd not have lost anything.
so, This is what it looks like on a hanger - 

Quite pretty and generally just the look i was hopeing for........

This morning when she was getting dressed for school i asked tiny to try it out so i could take a picture of it,
It looks like a sac! I got her to do some wiggling and assume a different pose....

Its still a sac! I'm not sure if it the frock or cos tiny is so , well, Tiny! 
I'd appreciate your thoughts............ (or if any of you have a 'plumper' child (3-4-5ish) that it may work on, i'll happily send it to you in return for photographic evedence that its not a sac!)

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Resolved to sew 2012

As i'm sure many of you know the lovely Very berry is holding a most splendid fabric giveaway over on her blog. It has loads of fab prizes for lots of very lovely people.
 It you fancy a punt here is the link (although i really suggest you don't go as it gives me more chance of winning!!!).

The post is asking for our sewing resolutions for 2012. 
I'll admit i hadn't thought about resolutions. Someone unscrewed my head at christmas and i can't find the key to tighten it up again (it probably been put somewhere safe!) Work has been alittle mental and i still haven't found homes for all the tat christmas gifts the kids got!

 So (or should i put sew!), I am now propted to think about my sewing plans for this year. Where do i want to go with it, do i stay with the familiar or try something new? 
I don't always get too much time to sew so i don't want to make massive plans or resolutions but something would be good, motivating and prehaps even productive!
Thus - this year i will
  • Create at least one item every week (unless there is a major crisis or i get to go on holiday, the chance of which would be a fine thing!)
  • As i love making small dresses, i will make some and put them up for sale, i will not worry that they are not good enough, they seem to resist destruction by tiny!
  •  I will attempt to do a couple of more craft fairs this year, not just at christmas (this will give me some serious bum shifting motivation!)
I could say that i will use up my fabric stash and not get anything else till its used, but i always find i need something to help finish off so 
  • i will do my best to not buy excessive amounts 
and, on a trying something new theme
  • i will attempt to create a pattern for a dress for tiny using newspaper like my mum used to do

Thus this year you can look forward to seeing what i make every week, Point and laugh as i get in a total mess, see just mow much mess i can create and you never know you may get a tutorial!

Fingers crossed!

Monday, 16 January 2012

sewing is resumed if a little slow!

Well its taken a while to get back into sewing this year, i think the sofa has made a resolution to draw my bum towards it more often as i seem to be spending a vast amount of time sat on my rear watching the gogglebox! 

I have managed to finish someting though! A while ago (just look at the date on this post, and you can see in the pictures that its the same fabric!!!) i cut out a frock for tiny. finally i put it togeather. Sorry the pictures bad but it was in the morning! It didn't look right being just orange so i ran some dasiys round the bottom. No idea where i got them, could have been something 'collected' from my mums house!
Its in the wash now as i didn't wash the fabric prior to cutting (i was new to it all!) so need to see if there is any shrinkage.
Then i tried something new (a new pattern, nothing to exciting!)
The original pattern had long sleeves so I shortened them and added elastic to them,
I also shortened the dress and added a ribbon band (elastic filled) around the waist because it looked a little sac like on tiny!

She so loves posing for pictures!
And yes that is an amy butler fabric - it was on sale in john lewis and she liked it (then again she'd buy most of the fabric shop if you gave her a chance!)
If i made some more do you think they would sell?

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

The Gallery - Phone Photo

My very own little monkey!

Monday, 9 January 2012

sewing is delayed

ok, i have done no sewing again!
Its abit like the trains of late - delayed. My big brother gave me an amazon voucher for christmas so i spent it, as you do on books!
My nose is firmly in the lady of the rivers. I got into Philippa Gregorys historical books with 'the other bolyn girl' and having read that whole series i've moved on to the new cousins war set (war of the roses stuff!)

The other books as you can see are crafty ones and i'll keep you posted as to my thoughts on them and show you anything i make (esp cute frocks for tiny!)


Thursday, 5 January 2012

new year, same old me!

Happy new year (done in an upbeat cheery kind of way)
I'm finally back at work and have 5 mins to spare to do a what i've been upto update - 
And the answer is - not alot! Fear not, i got the sewing machine out last night and tonight i may even plug it in!

Anyway - here is some pictures from the last couple of weeks to fill in any gaps in case any of you missed me! (and yes that was said in a sarcastic tone!)
Firstly - my secret Santa sent me - a lovely beady decoration, some orange nail polish and some fabric! (i'm so easy to please!)

 And here are some pics from the scrappy christmas ornament swap - lovely trees and a santa - i sent fat little owls, lots of felt scraps and stuffed with scraps of quilt batting stuff!

I really have to make some of these owls for tiny next year!

As you can see tiny's frock looked fab on christmas day (with added antlers!)
 And yes i got fabric as a gift from the lovely laughing snail

 Santa had these goodies in my stocking!

And then i went to the sales! - how could i resist! got 1.5 meters of each! tinys going to have some fab frocks!

Ok, had to slip the doctor who taris set on the end, me and my lad built it yesterday!