Monday, 31 January 2011

Costume drama

So, i finally did it, i finished christmas!
I bort my nephew a kit form kotorikits and i finally made it and posted it off to him, but not before i made my lad put it on so i could take photos!

 I also got a Bee suit for my little girl as she loves bumble bees!

she has been running about shouting bee bee bee bee (she doesn't do buzz!). i get to tell her to buzz off!
Also got round to making some hair clips this weekend too! my friends litttle girls got some from me for their birthdays (twins) but they have lost 1 each (cake style) so i made them new ones and tried out a different design (flowers).

i wonder what this week will bring, have fun all x

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

The Gallery - Children

This picture is entitled - A trip in the park!
It was very funny watchinfg her fall over and land face first in a big pile of mud! she didn't cry just spat out a bit of mud and then licked her lips cos it tasted interesting!
 yes its children this week at the gallery

Monday, 24 January 2011

my finger has a hole in it!

My finger has a hole in it, this is beacuse i kept stabbing mysef with a needle! its been one of those weekends but i did manage to finish the hearts i started.

And did some more. Tiny had to check them all and after a deep sniff of every one she decided that they all smelt loverly!

Next i think i have to get on and make the rest of my nephews birthday/christmas gift! Then its tinys bee costume, and an astronout one for the boy and..............

Think my finger will have to get used to having a hole in!

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Book Thong

A while ago (and by that i mean ages and ages) i won a book thong  in a give away.
It was from the loverly jane over at me n my monkeys
Here it is, pretty and purple, and sparkly.
i tested it out over christmas and found it great for doing its job of keeping my page in a book. its also great because i could leave it in while i was reading (it didn't block the works like bigger book marks can) and if i had to put my book down for an 'emergency' i never lost my place.
I fact the only problem i had with it was not really my problem, it was my sons. It occured when his little sister got hold of 'the pretty thing' and swung it round her head, thus clouting him in the face.

So in conclusion, if you want to keep your place these book thongs are fab, BUT keep them away from 3 year olds as you may get hurt!
Thanks again to jane!

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

look, look i got off my large backside and made something!!!

Yes i did it. i got of my bum and made something!
I'm quite proud of myself for gettin g out of my rut, although i did also enjoy a large dose of 'my big fat gipsy wedding' last night! i still can't get over the size of the frocks!
Anyway, the thing i made is much smaller...

 A dangle of fabric hearts making up the word love with crackle beads inbetween.

I've also made some larger hearts but haven't finished those off yet, what do you think?

The gallery - Mother nature

the beauty abit of dew can bring.

Monday, 17 January 2011

Loosing it

I seem to have lost it this year. And by that i mean my sewing mojo!
I put the machien away for christmas and just don't seem to be able to motivate myself to get it out again!
I Have projects to attend to (including finishing my nephews christmas gift and making a present for my friends new baby who is now 12+weeks old!)

Where has all my motivation gone!
I seem to be sleep walking through 2011!
I still feel drained and the more days go past with out achieving anything the more i don't want to start it!
Think i have a bout of the procrastinators!
think i need shaking up and down and having someone yell WAKE UP at me!
hope you are feeling more motivated than i am!

Thursday, 13 January 2011

latest tinkerings

well, i have been doing something (other than try and sort out immunology lectures!)
I've been making some 'motto' things to put on lavender hearts or to put onto strings of hearts.
Heart shapes for some but a couple of squares.
Total rubbish or ok?
any more mottos you think i should do?
i promise to have some finished one to show you soon, hopeing they will go into the we are birmingham shop.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

The gallery - body parts

the gallary (as hosted here this week is pictures of body parts.

i have 2 piccys of heads, mainly cos they amuse me!

This is when my kiddies went to the infant and child lab at birmingham uni to help with their investiagtions into how kiddies brains work!

Monday, 10 January 2011

busy doing nothing -again!

I'm at work and so should be doing something sciencey!
instead i'll show you a picture of the wrist warmers i made for my office mate for christmas/birthday!
no been up to much making so i say sorry it abit boring.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

New year - tidying up!

Well i'm back! after a mamoth break i'm back and the first thing to do is catch up on all the 'christmas' stuff!
i join in with 3 (yes 3) christmas swaps.
I joined one hosted by secondtimemummy, i recieved this loverly little bundle.
The second swap i joined was hosted by laalaa and i was a lucky girl

And finally i joined in with Emma's santa swap and was very very lucky!

AT work we had a secret santa - my work mates know me well, coffee and biscuits (although i had to give them to hubby as i'm gluten free)
And so to all those pairs of PJ's i was making (5 pairs!)! i managed to finish them...

And modelled by my 2

And finally i ran up a few other things for presents, a pin cushion for a sewing box i put togeather for a friend, and booties and dribbly bibs for her little loverly.

Hope you all have a good and crafty year this year! x