Friday, 28 November 2014


Well its been ages. 

I been meaning to blog for the last 2 weeks but have just failed generally!

 I did a craft fair with mum at the coventry transport museum - as you can see, making things for this has had me busy


Also been putting things togeather for a swap

Made some more neck warmer thingys for my friends girls

and i have also been busy at work - yesterday was most exciting - we had the telly people in the lab - with this chap presenting

Its Dr Chris - hes a lovely chap - made a little video for one of Tiny's skating friends who loves his show (operation ouch).
anyway - hoefully i'll get round to blogging again before 2015!

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Time pls

How do,
I had a go at something new (always exciting). I've seen a few of these on the interweb and though i'd like to have a go.

We've also had halloween - this is my 5min spider outfit! and i won a prize! (possibly because i was the only grown up on the ice that was stupid enough to dress up).
 and finally - Tiny has been busy making these bead things (the ones you iron and they stick togeather). anyone into minecraft may recognise - AshDuhb, Stampy and iballisticSquid!)