Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The Gallery: A Happy Memory

This week its happy memories, these 2 pictures cover one of those.
This is the 'boat-on-a-rope' ride at wicksteed park. i believe its really called the waterchute but to me it will always be the boat on a rope. Wicksteed park (near kettering) is now 90 years old and the boat on a rope  ride is almost as old (it opened in 1926).
Wicksteed is a place we used to go when i was a child. Dad would buy us tickets and me and my brother would have a fantastic time, carefully using up our share of the tickets. I loved this ride and still do. Even better is that now i can share it with my kids -

Here is tiny on the ride with auntie marrianne (her god mother).

I know that now 3 generations of our family have ridden the boat on a rope, my mum used to get to go on it when she was little and there is a good chance my grandpa rode it with her making it 4 generations.


  1. Gosh! The same for my family.I have been to Wicksteed Park so many times, I have taken my children along too when they were much younger. My mum and dad spent many days in their youth there too, as did my Nan & Grandad. Sue x

  2. I have very fond memories of that ride as well, I loved it :)
    Sue Xxx

  3. Lovely. It is great when things last and can be shared with newer generations


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