Monday, 19 September 2011

Monday Monday

morning monday, back to work although i'd rather be at home sewing. i keep starting things and not quite finishing them off so i have a pile of things i've almost made! i must do some finishing and get on as i have 2 craft fairs in november and need to make things for them!
Anyway,Here is how my friday dress is coming.
 I finished the front darting and top stitched in red. Then i practiced the zip

 See its all neat, and i managed to reproduce the neatness on the real zip!
A while ago i indulged in a scrap swap (very berry handmades) . I can't remember who i sent scraps to but it would have been something like this:
This morning i arrived at work to a parcel - a little late but who cares when things like this come out of it!
A beautiful zippered pouch
which opened to reveil
pretty flowers and loads of lush fabric scraps
Thanks you soooo much wise cricket.


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