Tuesday, 29 June 2010

My new picture

Well, i thought i'd explain my nice new picture that i've put on everything (here, twitter, facebook).
Not so long ago (well november to exact) one of the students in the lab went home for a visit. this may not be that exciting you say but as she's from mexico its alot more exciting than a trip to leicester for a sunday roast (although sunday roasts can be quite exciting esp. if there is pudding!) anyway, on her return she brought us all presents. during her trip it had been the Día de los Muertos, the day of the dead, when family and friends get togeather to pray and celebrate for all those who have gone before. The gifts she brought us are traditional gifts given between friends called catrinas, figures of skeletons. Mine is sewing!!!

Monday, 28 June 2010


well, have been busy this weekend with visiting freinds and relatives.
firstly - the present for my friends little girl
My friend commented how every thing she had for her little lady was pink so i went with my fav colour and made it orange. Its a little bit pink but the top can be reversed for an all orange look!

This is the dress i stayed up late making on friday, within hours of putting it on she had strawberries down the front but i think she looks cute in it and she does like it very much!

Thursday, 24 June 2010


well i did some sewing last nigt, no piccy yet as its not finished, hope my friend likes it (well i hope here little girl likes it but mummy has say on what she wears as shes only 3 weeks old!), hopefully i will post a picture tommorrow and can feel proud of my creation.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

It Came!!!!

Hooray it came, it finally came, new machien has arrived! still not worked out how delivary people faff about needing signitures and that and then just leave things with a random neighbour!!!! at least i didn't have to rearrange delivary and stay home all day on saturday (having paid for the privelidge!)

Little man wouldn't leave ther box alone, he was desperate to open it. i resisted till kids were in bed and jobs had been done (hurriedly i may add). than i got to play with it, it was sooo much fun and worked like a dream first time, no faffing with dials and getting het up over tensions!

 tried out stitch number 14, its a double zig-zag suitable for doing edges on fabric that frays easily, and i was very impressed with my work! ooooooooooooooh it looks sooo good on my table (which i may even tidy now cos new machien needs space to work!)
will post a picture of what i make as soon as its made!

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Better now

i've been poorly over the weekend, one of those nasty head colds with added headace, bogies and sweating!
feeling better and desperate for new machien to come! i have some loverly new fabric to work with and i'm stuck knitting (but yes i do need to knit this baby jumper cos its not long till my friends baby gets here!)

I have to admit to being very very sad on saturday -i bort myself a kids magazine cos i wanted this.....

i liked the badges!
can't resist adding this either - my sons ideas on police transport!

Thursday, 17 June 2010


I am in mourning for my sewing machien. try as i might i can't get it to behave, it will nor get the tensions right. it would be ok on thicker fabric but its not having any of it on anything thinner, like cotton! new machien has been ordered. this this the offending bit of equipment....

it was messing about a week or two ago, had to borrow mums machien to make her birthday present!
 my dad does gardening and one of his old ladies said i could have her old machien, the answer to this is oh yes

 i couldn't turn it down. it only has straight stitch but it has lots of fancy feet

i had to get the instructions out to find out what they all do!  there is a binding foot, an edge stitcher, a gathering foot, a hemmer, an adjustable hemmer, a ruffler, a cording foot (i thought it was a zipper foot) and a quilting foot! so much to play with! and i never had plans to do anything fancy, but when i've got back into the swing of sewing i may have to try some of these feet out!

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

I actually did something!

Well much to my amazement i did something last night instead of flumping on the sofa, drinking coffee and eating leftover curry! A few weeks ago i went on a clothkits sewing workshop, it was my birthday present and involved a stay at a hotel and a very plesent day making a skirt!  I hadn't done any sewing in a long time and thought it would be a good way to remind me how its done, make something nice and have some time to myself!

(i so need to sort out getting my photos turned round!)

I liked my skirt very much so bort a dress for tiny girl, i got it cut out but also realised that i really really need to clean my carpet! getting down to cut ment i got close to the carpet and realised just how much it smells of wee! the potty training isn't going well, prehaps i'll wait till shes got more of an idea about weeing locations (which are ok and which are not) and then have ago at it with some of that cleaning foam stuff!

will get the machiens out tonight and have a play with them, tinker with the tensions on one of them (its gone funny) and test the 'new' machien my dad got me. i say new, well its new to me, it a singer that only does straight lines, nothing fancy, cos they hadn't come up with fancy stuff (like zig zags) when it was built!

Monday, 14 June 2010

Weekend stuff

Last week was my Mums birthday, i decided that this year i would make her something rather than give her the usual M and S voucher! shes an avid knitter but usually drags her piles of knitting round in one of those freeby cloth bags, hence i decided to make her a knitting bags with needle pockets and everything! the only fabric i had was some left from when i made curtains 6 years ago but i think it works!
Ok, sorry about the angle of the piccy!

This weekend was also the school summer fayre! i made cake (think i was the only parent to bother baking it themsleves) and charlie was in the football themed hat competition (he didn't win), i'm quite proud of it even if husband took the mickey out of it!

must do some more sewing soon!

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Just testing out loading up pictures,
say hello to Annie my beautiful big bunny, she has a boyfriend called Optimus (guess which transformer obsessed boy named him then!)

new beginings

Well, going to attempt a blog! somewhere to put every thing down so i have a chance of remembering stuff! may even attemt some pictures soon!