Thursday, 30 June 2011

phone cases, what do u think?

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

The Krafty Cupcake: My first Giveaway at The Krafty Cupcake......

Another great giveaway -

The Krafty Cupcake: My first Giveaway at The Krafty Cupcake......: "As promised! Finally I have got round to a giveaway. I gave a sneaky peek last week of one of the items that will be in my giveaway, now ..."

But please don't enter as i want to win the fab stash!!!!!

The gallery - My weekend

So here is my weekend, although its hard to remember something that now feels so far away!
This picture illustrates Saturday
It was spent helping a friend alter her wedding dress!
This one represents sunday
We end to visit my brother and his family, including my new niece. As you can see my son adores her. I could get her big brother to sit with them for a photo but tiny was having none of it and was more interested in playing lego!

Tuesday, 28 June 2011


As i mentioned sometime last week (i think, things from last week are abit fuzzy now!) i bort rather a lot of fabric, 6 blots to be precise! 
I like it but really don't need all of it so will be selling some of it on. I got it at a great price and so will sell it on at a price much cheaper than it retails at.
This is it - its organic and fairtrade. Just a bit thicker than quilting cotton but perfect for dressmaking, crafts, home stuff etc.
 So if you fancy any pop over to my folksy shop or facebook me a message.

Monday, 27 June 2011

Tinys upcycled frock

Well, a while ago tiny's favorite tee-shirt was eaten by the washing machien, i didn't want to chuck it cos she loves it but need to decide what to do with it. On friday, it came to me and this is the results!

 You can just about see the damage on the bit i've cut off. I remembered a skirt that i'd recieved in a swap and though it would go with the green tee shirt, which as you can see it did
 So I gathered it up and sewed it on. I put the 2 wrong sides togeather so the inside was smooth against tiny but i did leave a join on the out side, so i had to cover this. 
 I thought that this spotty red fabric did the trick, so i made a 'tube' of it, then sewed a portion of it onto the back of the frock
A longer bit was sewn onto the front and around the sides forming ties at the back.


Looks quite good, and as you can see if you scroll down a little further you can see that tiny likes it too!
It may only last this summer but atleast we don't have to throw away a much loved tee shirt just yet! 

Thursday, 23 June 2011

The swap list

Ok - 
Its time to grab your partners by the hand......

Clare and Sew scrumptious
BibbityBob sends to Me, i send to
Moonstruckcreations who sends to BibbityBob!
(hope this is ok but it this or i can partner you both, you decide)

So Get in contact with your partner/s and gather your gifts togeather, Do yell if you have any problems although i'm not promising to solve them!
Hopefully the links all work (fingers crossed!)
and finally enjoy yourselves, enjoy finding out about new people, making/gathering gifts and recieving your parcel.

Boys shorts

This little pair of for my nephew, can't give his new baby sister something and not him! I couldn't resist getting this fabric when i saw it, bright and fun. now my son wants some too. Something to keep me occupied for the nest few evenings!
What do you think, will he like them!
Remember this is your last chance to sign up to the unbirthday swap. (see button on side bar.)

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

For Amelie

Made these last night for my new little niece. They will be too big but she'll grow. Not quite finished as you can see, lots of ends to tidy and probably some seams to trim etc but i think its turned out quite cute!

A little bib top and ruffled trousers. Suprised my self with how quickly they came togeather! Hubby selected the fabric from my pile, he said something pale was best for little people. Wouldn't want it boring though, lots of yummy cake on it, i find some good things on our local market ( £5 a meter, birmingham rag market). This only used half a meter too.
Now i'll have to make something for her big brother so he doesn't feel left out. From the same market stall i got some fab red fabric which is covered with sharks eating surf boards/divers/ols tyres etc. They'll make great shorts, i know this cos my lad has approved the fabric and also wants shorts made from it!
Something for tonight then!
(ps what do you think of the new size/type of text, too big? is the font ok?)

Monday, 20 June 2011

Weekend makes

Hi all, i have been up to things this weekend, but first can i remind people about the swap i'm sorting and say -
Ok on to this weekends creations,
I cut this frock out quite a while ago but got distracted by the pillow case dresses, Its from a pattern by wild flower and whimsy and is called the bustle back dress.

Tiny seems to love it.
Think i'll have to make more!
I've been reading the new magazine Mollie Makes, And finfally got round to making the free gifts that were to be found on issues 1 and 2, At last my phone has a home. Not sure how long the flower will be on my bag though, the second tiny sees it, it will have a new owner!
Well thats all for now,
Hope you had a good weekend and remembered to send your dad a card for fathers day (yes i failed to remember to post it!)

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The Gallery - Dads

This is my dad, yes it christmas and he had to sit on the floor for his christmas dinner cos the kids wanted him at their little table. And he loved it.
Don't forget my swap (see the button on the side or my last post on the blog), do join in.

Love you daddy x

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Any one up for a Swap?

Now Closed, sorry. Do join us on the next one (no its not arranged but if all goes well i'll do it again).

I've taken part in a good few swaps now and figured that its time i organised one.
I missed the birthday of my blog so i propose this is to be an UNBIRTHDAY swap!
Should be entertaining, Birthdays are always fun so why shouldn't we have 2!

Just send your partner at least 5 items which should/could include

1: Chocolate - v. important for an unbirthday

2: Smellies - well it is a birthday and you have to get some sort of bathroom product!

3: Something that represents where you live (or originate from) - send a little bit of home, a postcard, or a
                                                                                                 porkpie if your from melton mowbray!

4: Something homemade or thing to create with - we all love it when someone makes something just for us.

5: An unbirthday card

6: Anything else you want to send that you think your partner would like

If you fancy joining in leave a comment on this post, i'll leave it open till 23rd of June and then partner us all up.(i'd go for parcels to be sent by the end of july if that suits everyone).
Hope you fancy joining in, do spread the word, grab the piccy for your sidebar etc.

And a Very Happy Unbirthday to You!

Jessica - A special little girl

Today my friends very special little girl has a big operation. You have met her before in this post. She has pierre robin sequence and is off for her palate operation. I'll be thinking of her and her family today (do send your thoughts and or prayers/ good vibes too, its can't hurt!).
Her mum recently put her story on the CLAPA website to help others with the condition, do visit it.

Cheeky little thing she is!

I also wanted to show you what i've got her mum for her birthday
Its from muddy puddle crafts, Cute arn't they! if my friend doesn't like them i'll taken them home with me!

Monday, 13 June 2011

Dresses and other things from a weekend.

Well its been a busy old long weekend, Tiny has been poorly (again!)
But it has given me a chance to get the pillow slip dresses finished (see below)
  Tiny modelled this one for me (shes after one now!)

On 2 of them i tried using the button hole technique from my old sewing book, the others are done by sholder ties (ive run out of elastic!). All but 2 are made form old pillow cases, the 'star burst' ones are created from an old duvet cover! hooray for the versitility of bedding!
Last week i also made some tutu type skirts as i'd had a request for one from a friend (she wanted on for her grand daughter), one of the flowery bits is sewn to the skirt, the other has a ribbon on so it can be attached to a wrist, pony tail of wand! i had enough net left to make another (but smaller) one. I'll be putting that one (below left)  in my folksy shop when i've measured the waist!

On Saturday i had a loverly parcel from thr button company. I joined their button club (you get a buttony selection 4 times a year). This box contained some fab buttons all wrapped up like sweeties and a braclet to make. Within moments tiny had me stitching a button on to her broach (which i was sent by the loverly black cactus when i bort a cushion cover with peeved rabbit on). i also made up the bracelet!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

What the jug says

for those who were interested the jugs says
Within this jug there is good liquor
Tis fit for parson or for vicar, 
But how to drink and not to spill
Will try the utmost of your skill.

As you can see i've been sewing more pillowcase dresses but have no finished ones to display, just a pile of stuff, I didn't get that much done last night, a friend called for a gossip and you all know just how long gossips take!

I'll leave you with a very old picture of me taken at my graduation ball, mainly cos i made the dress! (i'll have to look out a better picture where you can see the whole thing!

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Something different

Today i'd like to get round to shareing my christmas present with you. Yes its 6 months late but i just haven't got round to it! Its from my mum and dad, and used to live in a house owned my the church my mum and dad go to. The church had to sell the house and so allowed people to buy some of it contents, mum got me this as i've always liked it.
Its a puzzel jug. Bet it'll come into its own when my kids are older!

Monday, 6 June 2011


Been busy in the lab today, then i found i'd forgotten i was supposed to be lecturing to some students! This is what comes of being ill last week, i completely forgot everything! Anyway,
I tidyed up abit yesterday and found this old book,

Does this sort of dress look familiar! yes they are pillow case dresses. I've been making some more to send off to sew scrumptious but i may try this version next as i asked my mum if she had any Bias Binding hanging about that i could aquire and told her all about the frocks, She didn't have bias binding but brought me 5 more pillow cases! (there were a couple more but the have gone abit bobbly so i'll use them for pockets etc).
Heres the 2 i've finished
While poking about in my piles and piles of stuff i found this. I've been meaning to show you it for ages but haven't got round to it. Sorry the detail is rubbish but yes the date is 1969, and no i won't be making the dog.

Finally, a new something. I won in the sew mama sew giveaway a book

All signed by the loverly diana scheonbrun, it looks alot of fun, and yes tiny wants a fairy!

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Wildflowers & Whimsy: 500 Follower Giveaway!!!!!!!

Wildflowers & Whimsy: 500 Follower Giveaway!!!!!!!: "Yay! I am cah -raaaaaaazy excited! I can't believe I actually made it to 500 followers! Thank you all so much! All of you have inspired ..."

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Cape dress

What ho chaps,
A couple of weeks ago i signed up to a pattern test for DMK (dearmykids) and thought i'd share the results with you. Although a bit big (she'll grow into it!) the dress turned out well, was very easy to follow and most important of all, Tiny loves it!

Also of interest is that i've opened a folksy shop 'the undomesticated scientist brings you...'. There is only a few things on there and i don't know if they'll ever sell but its better than them being in my house forever! do pop over a visit it!

Wednesday, 1 June 2011


Hi everyone, Sorry i've not posted before this, I'm not usually arround over weekends and then tiny decided to share her tummy bug with us all. I think its time for her to learn that although sharing is a good thing, she doesn't have to share everything!
Anyway, on to the main part of the post, Buttons!
I took part in lucey (from over at lemonaid kitty's) Button swap.
I was paired up with Be Happy,
who sent me some loverly things, all wrapped in pink tissue paper,

Lots of loverly button things, and buttons (and chocolate, yum yum yum).

If you want to see what i sent do pop over to her blog.