Monday, 29 November 2010


 well i hope this post finds you warm as its quite chilly here and i suspect every where else (unless you are living somethere thats not britain, in which case you may not be so chilly!).
I have somethings left from the little sale i did at the church christmas fair. I have no where to store them and won't be doing a sale again till next year (and by that i mean the same church one in november next year!)
so i have decided to 'advertise' my things on here and say that if there is anything you'd like offer me something in exchange! you get to decide what you think its worth.  (i'd like to add here that i do have 2 small children boy of 5 and girl of 3, she especially is lacking in stocking fillers at present but if other items suitable for mothers were offered i could divert cash to tiny!!!!)
If you could blog about this (tweet, facebook etc etc) that would be fantastic, the more poeple that see it the more chance i have of exchanging these items.
So on to the items i have to offer...

Door Stops (3 one flowery, 2 sea design), would be sent without the weight (i'm not mad! smart price rice from a well know supermarket, 1KG fits into the centre of these, more weight could be added if stuffing removed)

Hand tied fairy skirt with an extra bit (on top of the skirt) that can be tied around the wrist, hair or onto a plain wand. small waist 50cm or a little bit less but it is elastic.
Hand tied fairy skirt with an extra bit (on top of the skirt) that can be tied around the wrist, hair or onto a plain wand.  waist 60cm or a little bit less but it is elastic.

Super hero capes, one blue, one red, with matching mask. (as modeled in this post)

Small wipe clean aprons (2 avalible)length 46cm approx (thats from top of fabric to the bottom), ties are 70cm approx
as you can see below the reverse is also patterned but the printing is marked. modeled by tiny here

 These are also childrens aprons. there are 2 of the ones with cars on (white on reverse) and one of the reversable blue flowery type. 62cm in length, ties about 73cm long

Adult aprons - purple one (same on reverse side) is 76cm long, ties about 108cm long

AND finally
 Christmas apron, plain on reverse (see below), green with festive pocket and holly. 82cm in length and ties about 107cm long.
Hope there is something here you would like to exchange for!

Thursday, 25 November 2010


WOOOOOO HOOOOOO i'm a winner!
Well i was a lucky girly and won the following from heather at thepatchworkheart

As you can see the heart has found a home above my desk at work while i have taken the little hanging home to fine it a place in my kitchen (which as its blue will match very nicely!)
Thanks Again heather!

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

loverly blog

oooo, I've been sent a one lovely blog award from Amy over at Blighty Boutique
i really like the tea cup, prehaps i need to pop the kettle on!
Anyway i'd like to pass it on to the loverly helen (fantastic name by the way!) at craftyhelenathome and to kitschycoo cos here things are fab and she makes me laugh so much with tales of her kiddies and finally to myfunnybunny for telling me about PEPPA PIG LAND!!!!!!! my tiny will be sooo excited but i dare not tell her, it doesn't open till April and its a long way from us. wonder if i'll be able to convince hubby that we really need to go!

Monday, 22 November 2010

The christmas market.

Well i think the christmas market on saturday went ok.
i did however completely fail to take any pictures! i forgot the camera and also forgot that i have a camera on my phone. Think i was just to busy worrying about someone buying something! i have plenty to take home for hubby to moan about but so far he hasn't. so tonight the tidying starts. Need to sort my fabric and put it away (well the bits i don't require before christmas).
I'm partipating in a christmas blog swap so i have to make a couple of things for that too as i need to get it sent off.
Well, so its not totally pictureless, here is something i made earlier this year. Its a santa christmas (thats what he gets called in our house!) place mat. Every year i send the kids up to bed, get all the presents out and as i'm sat there surrounded by small gifts, paper and sticky tape small feet can be heard hurtling down the stairs with a yell of, 'we forgot......... (add item here)'. so we don't forget anything for santa christmas this year i made a place mat with every thing on it! plate for biscuits (chocolate!), mug and flask for hot chocolate, space for reindeer carrots and a pocket for the santa key. we don't have a chimmey so we have a magic key which santa can use to get into the house and leave presents!
i hope it works!

Monday, 15 November 2010

turned out nice again!

Well, i've been busy making more things of the craft fiar that is now only a few days away!!!!!! (AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG)
Saturday 20th November
St leonards parish hall
Marston green
Nr Solihull
10am till ???
sorry, shameless plug there!

Anyway, last night i made a christmassy weath and i'm very please with the way it turned out
its just smaller than a dinner plate (cos thats what i used to 'create it'

been doing some more stockings too

Patchworky fronts and spots, sequins or holly on the reverse.

hope people like them enough to buy!

Thursday, 11 November 2010

today and shoeboxes

Today i have my poppy on. I'll admit the thing holding my poppy to my coat is unconventional but given that there is so much in the last few weeks i've forgotten i think i did well to get it on my coat on the correct day.
Its on my coat cos they have health and safety rules in the lab!
Been busy sewing things for the craft fair (st. leonards church hall, marston green, Nov 20th from 10am - shameless plug!). I even managed to fall asleep at the machien  an evening or 2 ago, it was only 9pm but i'm constantly pooped at the moment! its all been going very slowly these last couple of days, just hope i get enough done so as to not look silly!

On top of that i've been getting the things togeather for my shoeboxes for operation christmas child
Just need to find shoeboxes and wrapping paper and they will be all set to go off and make a child happy this christmas.

Monday, 8 November 2010


just a quicky, made aprons over the weekend. some wipe clean ones
and some reversable ones for kiddies
and some bigger ones for grown up types!

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Door stops!

Door stops. thats what i've been making these last couple of evenings.
i've done a couple of small chicken ones
and have so far managed one big square one although i have a couple more in production!
fingers crossed people like them!

Book review - Cath Kidson Stitch

Well , lucky lucky me, i was sent a copy of Cath Kidsons new book Stitch from the loverly people at quadrille publishing.

I haven't as yet had a chance to see the previous 2 books (although i'm quite sure i'll be getting one for christmas!) so it was a chance for me to step into the world of Cath Kidson as see what its all about!
Billed as 'Reinventing the arts of needlepoint and cross stitch for today's crafter' i was intrigued to see what it had to offer me.
At the very front of the book is every thing you need to complete a little project (as seen on the cover), a fantastic idea allowing the reader to try out the crafts as soon as possible.

Starting with a stitch glossary and technique descriptions (important for those new to the craft and a good reminder to those who have done some before) it has informatuion on how to start and finish off projects with those little touches that make them look fantastic!
The projects themselves are all based on Caths designs and are recognisable to any who know her work, from flowers to boats and cowboys they all all here. Some projects are tapastry and others cross stitch and some times you get a design used again giving you the patterns for both techniques.
All of the projects have bright beautiful picture accompanying them, so you know what the finished project will look like and helping you picture it in your own (or someone elses if your making for others) home.
At the end of the book there are conversion charts for using threads from different suppliers but not for changing tapastry wools to embroidary threads (or the reverse) if you wanted to convert the charts.
All in all a fantastic book that will inspire many to pick up a needle and i can't wait till i can get started on making one of the electric flowers cushions!

Monday, 1 November 2010


Ok, spent the weekend at nannies house so did not alot. Kids had fun though!