Monday, 26 September 2011

Book Review - the Liberty book of home sewing

What Ho! on this (currently) lovely morning (don't want to jinks it!).
 Last week i was sent a book to review by the very nice people at quadrille.
Its oh so pretty and has that fantastic fabric covering that makes me want to just hold a book. Upon opening you are confronted with some of libertys fantastic patterns (i spent a while just looking at them!)

The book has a loverly introduction tell you all about the history of libertys, their fabrics and how the patterns are/were designed and printed, and explains the names the fabrics have (like tana lawn!)
The rest of theboom is split into sections and has projects like curtains and cushions to aprons and the most fantastic peacock pin cushion.
A small thing is that all the patterns are done graph paper style so you have to draw them out yourself or photocopy them up, a bit of a pain but then you only have to do each project once if you plan to use it.
At the back of the book there is a bit of a how too section, giving information on haberdashary to sewing terms and some hints and tips. Not a conprehensive guide by any means but i don't think it pretends to be that.
So, this book is full of beautiful pictures making it coffee table material but also full of lovely projects to inspire even reluctant  needle operatives. A lovely addition to any sewing book collection.

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  1. It looks amazing. also its available at a discount at the book people!


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