Thursday, 30 January 2014


No not me, but an outfit for my friends lass who does that sort of thing!
Tiny modelled it for me
Very shiny! how long before i have to make her something with the purple shiny, stretchy stuff? A prize of purple shiny hot pants to the winner! (he he he)

I have made her some pink velvety hot pants to skate in (she likes them very much cos she has a furry bum!) but she has now requested blue ones!
More hot pants on the way then!

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Neck snugglies - Tutorial

How do!
Today i am venturing to give you a tutorial! (wow, get me!)
So what is a neck snuggly? we I'm sure there is a proper name for them but its one of these
my two keeping warm with their snugglies
I received a fluffy one for Christmas but wasn't really allowed to use it as one or the other of them would be cold and NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED it. So, I set about making them their own. So much better than a scarf, it doesn't undo itself, drag on the floor, can go over their ears, act as a sash and be a serving cloth for a pretend waiter!

So, if you fancy one you will need:
Fleece or something similarly warm/soft/snuggly
the ability to sew it up.

Firstly cut it out -
I made the kiddywinks ~1m by the width of the fabric (150cm)- its a big rectangle

fold it in half (right sides together) so it is 50cm by the width of the fabric, sew it up so it makes a long tube.
turn it right side out.

line up the seam, making sure there are no twists in the tube, pin it.
This is the trickiest bit

Begin to sew the tube up, working around the circle. It gets a little tricky towards the end but sew as far as it will go, you end up with something like this
then pull it so its right side out
this leaves a little gap which you can them sew up - i hand stitched mine, and then you too can be warm

Hope this keeps you warm

Monday, 27 January 2014

Back at last!!!!

What ho,
Finally I'm back. I've been having a computer issue but that seems to be resolved at last!
Well i did my stocking swap. I completely forgot to take any pictures of what i sent but i was completely spoilt by my swap partner

Bully had his Christmas jumper on as usual - 

 I did 2 craft fairs and had to make an extra book cover for someone
I made costumes for ours Christmas ice show (i'm very very proud of the tweedle dum and tweedle dee outfits. I'm also quite proud of the parrots seeing as i had one evening (whilst full of cold to create 5 of them!)

boot cover for the Caterpillar
I made festive cake for work
and Tiny had me help with her Christmas gift
Fingers crossed all stays well with my computer :)