Monday, 29 October 2012


What ho!
once again i have been busy but have little to show for it!
I've finished off the stockings - all blinged up now 

 I also finished off some Christmas decorations
(they aren't quite finished here but they are now).

This week I'm hoping to make some bags - wish me luck!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

pattern testing

What ho chaps,
 I've been pattern testing again, this time for Eliza M Vintage
This is the circle skirt pattern that is for grown ups however............
some of these patterns are being adapted for small people, how could i resist making something new for tiny!

I let her pick the fabric (yes its dinosaurs!) and set too while she watched willy wonka and the boys were at ice hockey.

I picked the 5-6 size so it will last.
It ran up really easily, no problems and she loves it. If i wore skirts I'd consider getting the big one for me!

Monday, 22 October 2012

sewing fun

 once again i have been busy but have little to show for it.

I made up some book marks, they have clear plastic pockets for popping gift cards or notes into. 
The plastic is a 'bugger' (excuse my language!) to sew but i risked ironing the reverse afterwards (just a quick blast) and it helped it stretch out a little, Phew!

I've been having a spot of fun these last couple of days making Christmas stockings.

I had a play with some 'machine embroidery'. Well, its not really embroidery, just free hand mess but I think it looks quite good and gives a nice texture to the fabric!
 These are baubles (i really hope you had guessed that!) I'm planning on popping some bling on them to make them sparkle.
 I also tried a Christmas tree
 I've used ribbons twirled round each other for tinsel, thought I'd add some bling and some button baubles.

Monday, 15 October 2012


 I've been busy sewing for craft fairs. More activity packs and other things (you can see the pile is beginning to grow!)

on a different note both me and tiny passed out skate tests this weekend.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

i have been busy - honest!

 i have been busy - but i have nothing to show for it :( except a pile of fabric bits!
so i will leave you with thought

Monday, 8 October 2012

Autumn has come

Well last week was a bit FAIL! Me, Tiny and my lad got ill. Such fun!
Anyway, Autumn is most defiantly here

tiny in her Autumn coat
there are leaves going brown and tiny has her cute red Autumn coat on.
There was some lovely sun yesterday and we went in the garden - see how my lad decided to hold his trousers up!
Anyways - i have had a chance to make things - 
I've tried out some 'tardis' phone covers
and a big activity pack - 

Pockets for pads etc and space for crayons - what do you think?
the outside is abit dull, may have to pop something on it to make it more interesting - a pencil? a flower? any other ideas?


Tuesday, 2 October 2012


What ho,
I'm busy at work today so have tried out the scheduling feature! 
Get me and my technical wizardry!
 I've been making some more bee bags.

see how grubby my carpet is!
I'll give you a quick how too in case any of you are silly enough to let children see such pictures (i know if i let mine see things like this they want one too and i have to try and make them one!)

1: gather the things you will need,
stripes (i have fluffy but this could be done with 2 fabrics stitched together into stripes)
lining fabric
felt for eyes and nose
a zip
ribbon for handle (again you could use fabric)
circular elastic (for antenna)
wing fabric

2: cut out a circular shape (i used sello tape as my guide). 2 in stripey and 2 lining.
 also cut out 2 rectangles (i stripey, 1 lining), that are long enough to fit round the circle in one direction and zip length in the other.
also cut out eye shape and nose

3: sew on eyes and nose to one of the stripey circles
the add the buttons.

4: if you are very clever, stick you zip in and then sew it all up - 
If you are not clever like me - pin you circles to your rectangles - so you end up with a tube. fold back the edges of the fabric so you can have an opening - abit like this.
REMEMBER - pin in the ribbon/fabric for the handle and the elastic for the antenna.

sew round the circles and turn your bee the correct way round.
repeat with the lining except don't turn it out. 
This is were i failed to take any more pictures!
5ish: Add wings - i used white netting zigzagged on to each side

6: sew zip onto lining (zip on the top so it will be sandwiched between the lining and the fluff)

7: sew lining and zip onto bee - this is very very tricky if you don't normally work with fluff - however, fluff will hide a multitude of mistakes (hooray!)

8: look proudly at your bee - 
9: present to small child - wait for it to complain about the lack of stinger on the bees bum!

Monday, 1 October 2012

Stocking swap - grab you partner by the hand!

What ho (with added christmas jingle sounds)

I've partnered up all of those who signed up to the stocking swap, 

Fiona with Helen P
Helen W with Jenny
Aija with Bernie
Louise with Rachel
Katie with Lisa
Josie with Sara
Karen with Rae and
Helen M with Liz

I had to add surname letters for the Helens as there are 3 of us!

Have fun everyone and do show us what you get, (if you blog of course).