Monday, 30 April 2012

Dresses and cake

I have been making, And here are the results
Here is my lads birthday cake, 7 today he is! yes its supposed to be an ice rink complete with ice hockey player (i cheated and got a Lego mini figure, thank you Lego!).

I've been sewing too, 

2 union flag dresses (aged 3-4 and 1.5 -2) and another pair of soakies.
Next its onto some bags and a birthday frock for a special little girlyl who's turning 2.

Monday, 23 April 2012

Not much to see

OK, not much to see, I've been sewing (slowly as usual) but nothings finished yet. i could show you a pile of fabric but think you'd rather see it when its done!
so instead today i have a picture of some new fabrics - 

Well, new to me anyway. Its the 5m that i won in the Easter competition at Nortex mill. the birdys are canvas, i thought it would make a nice bag. then i chose lots of spots (and some stars) for making frocks or other things. can go wrong with a polka dot!

Finally, i saw this in ASDA, quite tempted to see if i can get one!

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Paralympics- by Tiny

Having walked though John Lewis and seen all the Olympics goodies you can buy and having learnt that she had watch a video at school all about it, me and Tiny had the following conversation :

T (aged 4) - mummy (most serious voice is being used)
M - yes
T - some people don't have legs
M - I know
T- They go in wheelbarrows
M - Do they? (stifled giggle)
T -  yes, and they have wheelbarrow races
M - (more stifled giggles) i think they are called wheelchairs
T - oh yes

well its kept me amused, and i know she pays attention at school!

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Easter makes etc

Well, its been 2 weeks or so since i last posted. It s been Easter and I've not been near a big computer so its now time to catch you all up on whats been happening here (other than rain of course).

There has been an Easter bonnet comp, (i showed you my creation before) in which my lad came third and won an enormous egg!

We went to a birthday party, i made the cake cos the little birthday girl is gluten free like me, and i also made her a dress as her present.
 yes there is a 7 picked out in chocolate stars, all she wanted was a chocolate cake with a 7 shaped candle!

then Easter came and i did manage to add some orange to the beaks of the bag chicks,
before they went on an egg hunt in the garden (my children insist that overnight the rabbits got out and poo'd chocolate eggs in our garden!)
we then went to see Nanni and meet her new doggy (they love him!)
we visited the transport museum in Coventry and saw their royal display
i made skate covers for my husband
there has been painting with tiny (no i have no idea what it is)
new fabric (thanks Ikea!)
a bag has been made

more skate covers
and another birthday dress ready for the end of the month

So i have been busy(ish), found time to have a cold as well and test the ability of chocolate to sort that out!

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

further adventures in papier mache.

This is what has become of the papeir mache covered balloon.

 yes, its now a chick, ok a scarey looking chick, but a chick none the less. Well, you can'r put a boy in a girly hat covered in flowers and ribbons (well not mine you can't anyway!).

Monday, 2 April 2012

Friday sparkels

Well, Friday was a fun day. I stepped out for my comfort zone and i have to say I'm quite chuffed with the result!
Yes, this is 4 way stretch Lycra (a psychedelic foil!). I knew my machine had stretch stitches but I've never really used them. I've been sticking to sewing with cotton cos it easy!
On Friday i stepped away from the cottons and sewed with this - quite a radical step really. 
I found the 'overlocker' foot for my machine and tried that out too! 
this is what i made!

A skate dress. I even managed to machine in the elastic on the leg holes and everything!
Tiny likes it

OK, so it doesn't have that professional finish that an over locker would give but it works and its survived being washed too as just after i took this shot she poured hot chocolate on herself!
I now have to make something for the lad (its only fair). 
can you tell what it is yet?
and don't you just love the drying mechanism i came up with!