Tuesday, 29 November 2011

New office friend.

Here is my new friend in the office!
Its a Dalek, its orange, its a scientist - Its a sign!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, 28 November 2011

Parcel of fabric

Well, mum brought my parcel of things that i ordered from Abakhan with the voucher i won in the sewing directories christmas comp. Along with lots of bits and bobs was one of their lucky dip fabric bags. Its £14.99 and you get 20+ meters of fabric. I was very excited by mine!
 Some splighty sparkly green, lovely chocolate brown, some suedey stuff, some interesting white snow like stuff and some net. red and, as if someone at Abakhan know me well, orange with sparkles!
 Some pink linen, red cotton, pale blue cotton, Slipperly pink with blue bits and some black, what i think is, oil cloth!
Also in their was some more red cotton, some purple lining fabric, some tarten, and yellow and sandstorm cottons. Their was also some silver stuff which i know from my mum having to sew with it years a go is a (add own expletive here!), some bright red lace which look like a tarty old grannys pants! and some lime green lining fabric. These 3 will be finding their way to tinys old nursery to see if they can use them.
 Also hidden in there was this

There are 2 of these panels on this bit of fabric, i'd make the kids santa sacks but they have them already! something to put away and think about!

A lovely fabric haul if i do say so myself. 
But to end an amusing tiny picture, she tested my new boots!

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Things going in my shop.

I'm worried. I can't help it. Tiny has been having toileting issues at school (shes soiling). Had to send her in pull ups which isn't really going to help her but i can't be fetching her everyday and having her smell interupt class! Think she needs a trip to the doctors.
on a brighter note i have things to put in my folksy and esty shops. do visit them if you like anything!

Wednesday, 23 November 2011


After last saturdays craft fair i gained my 1st commission!
A lady purchased the blue stocking i had and later her mum came to ask if i had any pink ones. I said i could easily make one and so i have!

Now all i have to do is get it too her! fortunatly she doesn't live too far away so i can meet her in solihull to hand it over.
Also I'm putting these pencil /crayon rolls on facebook and in my folksy/esty shops if anyones interested.

Monday, 21 November 2011

craft fair number 2 and some pudding!

 Well, On friday i made christmas pudding. I know that it was 'stir up sunday',on sunday,  but i wanted to get it done. I followed my usual recipe (Nigella) and as usual ended up with loads of puddings. I really wonder just how big the pudding would be if it was just one pudding! you'd have to realllllly like pudding or have loads of people to lunch!

The big one is ours for christmas. The medium sized one if for my friend who has a gluten free daughter. (yes they are gluten free puddings and the fruit is soaked in baileys! yum!). The small one is for my big brother who adores christmas pudding and the tiny one is for the husband of one of my church friends, he's the only one in their house who likes pudding.
Well, saturday was the fair at st leonards in marston green.
 Mum was helping me and had some of her knits on the table.

Its all very bright when you put it together! I never realised just how bright things are that i make till its all on a table together! But then, i don't think subtle is ever going to be me!
I need to get the tings that didnt sell photographed and put in my 'shop'. I'm up for trades if you see anything you like!
You can't have the 'tiger' though!

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Giveaway results.

Ok, I totally failed. Please forgive me!
I finally remembered that i was hosting a giveaway today and that i should have picked a winner ages ago!
So i've plugged the numbers into a randomiser thingy and it says that ............ (drum roll)............
The winner is

Belated Congratulations

Do send me your address and colour choice for your tooth monster 
(blue or pink if it needs wings) and smile or grrrrr expression.

(or if you'd rather have one of those little pictures i made do say)

I'll leave you with a picture of my 2 hunting dragons!

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Machine fun

Ok, i've been having some fun. I bort a 'doing what you want' foot for my machine at the festival of quilts in the summer but haven't played with it much. I have been having a play now though and although they are rubbish compaired to what some people can achieve with theirs i don't think they are bad for a beginner. 
What do you think? 
Can you tell what it is yet?

Tuesday, 15 November 2011


Well as everone has noticed its gone cold and autumney. Its still really dry though. I went past our local pond on the way home on sunday and this is how it looked.

Its not got a lot of water in. That is a little jetty on the far side of the picture, it usually has water beneath it but at the moment it just has grass! The whole area is usually soaking and squelchy but not at the moment. It seems abit sad to see it like this, esp. when its not the middle of summer. Much as i don't like to be out in the rain we could do with some more of it!

Anyway on a cherpier note, the christmas lights are on in brum and the german market is being built for it opening on thursday (i believe). Yipee lots of hot chocolate with rum in and other germanic delicacies. I'm planning on taking the kids but not till nearer christmas, they get excited enough as it is!

Monday, 14 November 2011

Craft Fair Number 1

Well, Saturday was the first craft fair, 
 Here's the table, half mine and half @laughingsnails (you can see more here)
 As you can see she has some beautiful ceramics
 Mine is a mish mash of bright colours

This is one of the aprons i made on thursday evening, i made 3 like this in adult, child and toddler!
I felt it went well and my bags felt a little lighter on the way home. I have one more to do this coming saturday (St Leonards, Elmdon Road, Marston Green, 10-3ish). 
Then i'll have lots of things to pop on folksy/facebook for sale or swaps! (unless i decide to do another (can convince hubby to have the kids again)

Sunday was rememberance day, and my lad was in his first rememberance day parade with beavers.
They all look so smart and i felt very proud, Although lad lost his poppy on the way there so i had to go with out!

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

A christmas win!

Well, I entered the sewing directories christmas creativity competition. I didn't win but i did come second which is not to be sniffed at! I made a christmas stocking - 

It has felty fairy lights all over it. Even my lad agreed it was 'cool'! I'll let you know if the tutorial goes up on the sewing directory site. There should be a picture of it in the winter edition of cloth magazine, in which the winning tutorial (a christmas cushion) will be published. 
I also entered some a gift tag tutorial, which would have come joint fourth but you can only win one prize and the second place one was best, £100 to spend at Abakhan (a jolly good shop for lots of crafty things). If you want the tutorial i'll see if it can get posted.
I choose lots of things you always look at but never get (like a bias binding maker thingy).

As you can see i made a load of the tags, and some birthday ones. Hoping they will sell at my craft fairs -
Kings Norton this Saturday (12th) 
St Nicolas Place 
Farmer Market will also be there
on the 19th at St Leonards 
Elmdon road,
in Marston Green, 
same sort of time! 
do come along and say hi!