Thursday, 24 February 2011

Book review - Cath Kidson Sew

Well, what can you say about Cath Kidson books! It is, as ever, beautiful.
This is the pocket sized version of the book (i got the larger one for christmas from a friend). It is filled with 40 loverly projects of all sizes, from stanley the dog, to bath hats and cushions. It comes with a little needle case to get you started and a large pattern sheet.
It has a handy introduction to all the techniques at the beginning although a little sewing knowledge is handy, and every project has the little twist that makes it 'cath kidson', although its easily adaptable to your own personal sytle if cath kidson isn't your thing. (i personally can only cope with a couple of flowers, too many and i start watering them!)
Although this is the pocket version it doesn't loose anything in the size reduction. The text is readable and the photos loose none of there clarity, and it is of course cheaper!
So if you don't have it already, this pocket version is a good buy, full of pretty projects to try you hand at or just admire!

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

The gallery - expressions

I think there is something about this jumper that makes my kids faces extra amusing!
'Just how could you do this to me mummy'
'But daddy, why can't i cuddle the lemur?'

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Latest meanderings

well, as usual i've been busy doing work stuff! i've joined a step class so thast one less evening a week for making things but it is good for me (honest!)
After making tinys trousers (see here) i made her a tee-shirt to match using an extra bit printed on the fabric by the loverly cloth kits people. i also made up the little bag that was on the sheet of fabric having asked tiny if she wanted a big pocket or a bag!
I was in luck last week as i won a goody bag from calico laine.
There is at least a meter if not more of all of these, so any ideas of what to use them for are welcome! the pale blue is satiney and the black and white is super silky. the pink and burgendy are chiffoney, the others appear to be cotteny!
i won this little bonus after buying a scrap bag from the fabric loft
lots of loverly little bits! tiny wants me to make her some 'every colour trousers' from this! any ideas!

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

The gallery - togetherness

this weeks theme at the gallery is togetherness
thought this photo said it all.
Yes my 2 are sleeping with their beds pushed togeather, tiny has her ferret and my boy has his beloved 'bobbi' (whch i'm sure he loves far more than me!)

Post script:
remembered this piccy that was on my phone, think it sums up togeatherness too.

Monday, 14 February 2011

chocolatey goodness

Today is monday and that means its monday munchies!
In our office someone brings treats in on a monday and we call it the monday munchies, today its my turn so i have tried out a recipe from my new cupcake book i got in a blog swap hosted by the loverly laa laa (picture here)
Looking forward to trying one myself later with a coffee (i say later, i mean in about 5 mins. my boss couldn't even wait that long at tucked in as soon as he saw them!)

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Nothing much

Not been up to much as my head is full of work, well this to be presise,
I've been sorting out lectures for the students and having to learn it all myself as well. some bits are knotting my brains!

I do however think i will have to make a fabric one of these sometime!

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

The gallery- 24hrs

This week at the Gallery its 24hrs
 so for me 24hrs is something like this
work (yes its a cuddley bug on my desk!)

Kiddy fun

more coffee

just so you can see what the trousers looked like

Monday, 7 February 2011

Trousers and pink vests!

I made the boys trousers over the weekend, and he loves them. i'm very chuffed with my self as although they are a little big (he'll grow!) they look good

this Picture also shows just how much i need to do a spring clean, but its not spring yet so it can wait!
Managed to dye lots of things pink in the wash too. Was given a red coat for tiny for when shes bigger, i washed it and  things went pink, good job it was mostly her things as she doesn't mind a pink vest!

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Clothkits nonsence & a swap

What-ho Chaps!
I'm up to my usual nonsence, last night i cut out a couple of things i got from clothkits. i'm sorry but i do like their things.

I'm doing these trousers for my boy and the frock for me, just hope i can get my large butt and boobs into it when its done!

you have to wait and see how they turn out!

Anyway, i've also signed up to a swap, over at veryberryhandmade its a scrap fabric swap so not to tricky to do but should be fun!
See ya'all

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

The Gallery - Shapes

This week at the gallery the theme is shapes.
I have selected more than one photo as i though cakes come in different shapes (sizes, and yummyness)
So enjoy a selction of different shaped cakes....

Hope that didn't make you hungery!