Thursday, 30 September 2010

Giveaway win and owl stories.

well lucky me, i won the the felt fairy 's giveaway, a voucher so spend in her ebay shop (ebay).
Loverly as the felt is i decided not to get any, i got a couple of things that would last me forever (and some buttons! i can let the kids play with them and not fret about chocolate stains!)

Anyway, do you remember the loverly little owl that Kathy sent me in the autumn/halloween blogs swap?

Well within moments of showing him to my tiny he was adopted! 'Is my owl' she said, 'hoo hoo' (owl makes the movement, she makes the noise). 'Look mummy he can't fly!' She proceeds to chuck him in the air and point when he hits the floor! Owl has gone to nursery today! He was cold on the way so had to be tucked into tiny's coat and she pretended to take his coat and shoes off when we arrived! they only problem is her big brother now wants an animal too, not an owl though cos they are 'rubbish!'

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Swap parcel

I'm so excited, my swap parcel from the loverly Kathy arrived. we both signed up to crafy helens pumpkin patch swap
here are the fantastic goodies i recieved

and these parcels contained

so many pretty pretty things, and she didn't leave my kiddies out either
little halloween goodie bags,
just hope she likes what i've sent as much as i like these, BIG BIG THANK YOU kathy. X

See i have been doing something!

I have been doing something, honest! i've got on with those 2 stockings i was making.. look..
here is the christmassy one

And here is the pink one.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Busy doing nothing..(again!)

Had a busy weekend which included me being dressed as a nun (it was fancy dress), being too drunck to knit and collecting several hundred conkers! I have been up to stuff but as it is swap stuff i have no piccys! and although i not have a parcel sitting next to me ready for the post office and i have got on with other things they are not ready for veiwing yet. so here is a picture of a seed head we (me and the kids) collected in the park for him to take to school for 'autumn'.

Thursday, 23 September 2010


Well I thought I'd tease you all with a veiw of the cupcakes the lovely people at interflora sent me. It was national cupcake week last week and a quick comment on there blog giveaway won me these! It would be better if I could eat them but as they are not gluten free and I am I've fed them to my office mates (saving 2 for my kiddy winks!). Office mates thought they were very very yummy!

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Pink things

What do you think? i plan to put the little girl i'm making it fors name down the middle and other twiddly bits on too. Other than that i've been working on my pumpkin sorry autum/halloween swap!

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

In which i get to meet Ben Fogel!

Well! yesterday was works macmillian coffee morning (well afternoon but i'm not counting!). I'd made cake for the bake off for me and hubby and had hope of seeing Mr Fogel from afar! (i had promised hubby that i would not attempt to lick Ben!)
well hubbys cake, pear and chocolate got no further than his office before it was eaten by him and his office mates!
I entered a lemon meringue cake
Well, it got busier, and we admired the bunting!
And then after not winning the bake off i got to meet Ben and learnt about his next trip to the pole! I also couldn't help noticing what nice fabric his shirt was made from! Now i know i'm a fabricaholic!

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Busy doing nothing...

well i have been busy doing nothing. I'm having a serious patch of procrastination! have to shake myself out of it for i'll never finish christmas! I know its 100 days away but if i don't get started it'll be over before i've even got the sewing machien out!
SO last night i managed to cut out a stocking shape and place some fabric on it. What do you think? i'm planning to add some merry christmas ribbon when it arrives from patch fabrics and some 'stitching effects'.

 please excuse the hideous back ground. its my wipe clean table cloth or all kiddy activities. it was in the off cuts bin and thus while doing the job was also cheap.
I will have to put christmas on pause for a little longer as i'm involved with craftyhelenathome Autumn/Halloween swap
I've been paired with the loverly Kathy. I've got lots of ideas wantering around my head. I just need to DO something!!!!

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

made at home - book review

I received a couple of books to review last week, and this is the second one -

Made at Home – Lisa Stickley
A beautiful book that anyone who wants to put their own fabric stamp on their home should have, from 1st time buyers to those who simply want a change, through novice sewers to the more advanced this book has something for everyone.

At the beginning of the book, there are explanations of all those sewing terms, different fabrics, their properties and uses and how to guides on zips and button holes.
Them comes the projects, neatly divided up into different areas of the home. Each project has detailed step-by-step guides to help any level of sewer through the project. A handy iron symbol helps to remind you when to iron (something I often skip to the detriment of the project!)

From cushions a plenty to doorstops and bed throws this book has everything to make your home individual and fabrically special.

And when I get five minutes to myself I’ll begin to fill my home with beautiful things, although I am expecting my hubby not to understand any of it! But then he doesn’t get cushions!

Monday, 13 September 2010

simple knitting - book review

I received a couple of books to review last week, so here is the first  -

Simple knitting – Erika knight
A workshop based how to knit book filled with 20 projects ranging for beginner to the more advanced. This elegant book starts with how to knit, casting on and off, knit and purl stitches and trouble shooting, all with handy pencil drawn diagrams (I learnt a new way to cast on) and information about different yarns.
This is followed by a lovely stitch library (I really like this bit) with photographs of lots of different stitch combinations and the effects/textures these create and then the projects, all illustrated with beautiful photographs of the finished articles in muted colours which adds an air of sophistication.
Each project, which ranges from a simple scarf or dish cloths to fair-isle pin cushions and cardigans has a ‘master-class’ to help you perfect your techniques and these are handy not only for beginners but for those who have been knitting a while and are looking to make their knitting even more ‘perfect’. A good book for beginners, especially if they have no one who can teach them, or 20 lovely projects for the more advance knitter.

I haven’t had the chance to try any of the projects yet as I have so much else to make and do! I’ll let you see them as soon as I do (I have several ‘bookmarked’) and in the mean time I’m sending the book on to my mum and her ‘knitting crew’ who I’m sure will produce several of the items in no time at all!

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Chocolate and yummy things

Well, yesterday the loverly belgian students who have been working in our lab over the summer brought us a little present from their weekend home - chocolate and not just any old chocolate proper belgian chocolate and its yummy!
Talking of yummy things
The sewing directory in conjunction with sewbox are having a competition to win some yummy yummy fabric.
2 meters of this loverly stuff could be yours, although i do incurrage you NOT to enter so i have a better chance of winning!

Monday, 6 September 2010

Things i've been busy with

well i have been busy recenty and finialy i have some pictures to show you all for what i've been up to..

Wednesday, 1 September 2010


we visited my mums this weekend. their neighbours (across the road) have chickens and the kids were allowed to get an egg each from the hens. they both arrived back at my mums proudly showing off their eggs!
my lad  was keen to show his off but his sister wasn't

Being at home yesterday with my lad we got busy and made things, banana cake, lasagna for out tea (i have leftovers for my lunch today yumyum) and he helped make a bag. he picked the fabric and did all the machine foot pressing (just glad there is speed control on my machine!)
its turned out nicely i think..
(one day i will rememebr to turn my pictures round the correct way!)