Wednesday, 27 July 2011

more swap stuff

hi, well yesterday i recieved my exciting ball of wool from Rae sent as part of laalaa's magic ball swap.
Me being me i couldn't wait to unravel it so sat at work unrolling it all (he he he). yes i am the person that prods presents and lifts a bit of the paper up to see whats inside well before its supposed to be opened.

Look, lots of sweeties (some of which i had already scoffed by the time i managed to get a camera out!), fabric, pins, needles, a lovely little bag (appropriated by tiny), an eyeball ball (which flashes and has been claimed by my lad) and a beautiul felty flower which can be a necklace or a broach. I wore it yesterday on a trip to the market to hunt out some fabric for a gift i have to make and a lady commented on just how lovely it was.
Here is what i sent rae - a very interestinly shaped ball of wool, full of goodys and something to keep knitting needles in. i can't remember what i've hidden in the ball so it will be a nice suprise!

It may look like i've been slacking (and i have abit) but this is the pile of furry things on my table at the moment, think i've gone abit overboard on monster bags. I don't seem to beable to do things in ones ot twos, no i have to go make 10 or more of everything and afetr that i have to wonder what to do with them!

Anyone want a monster bag at all? pink, blue, orange or green avalible soon!


  1. What wonderful goodies :)
    Sue Xxx

  2. I'm so glad you like! I got mine today and am overwhelemd... it took me half the evening to unravel - I'm a present /peekerprodder too!!

    Glad the bag and eyeball got to their intended recipients, hope you don't mind that it wasn't all for you!

    Thank you so much for all my lovely goodies, I'll be blogging about mine soon too!


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