Thursday, 28 June 2012

Bullys latest jumper, and that

What ho,
I couldn't resist showing you all Bullys latest outfit. He had a nice jumper at christmas (i popped it on this post) and now he has a new (and sparkly, not that the picture shows that) outfit.

Doesn't he look great!

I have yet again not managed much this week, i've done some sewing for swaps but can't show you that yet, wouldn't be fair on my swap partner. 

I have however made tiny little fondant icing frogs ready to go on cupcakes for the school fair as frogs are the school emblem! (i haven't gone mad, there is good reason for the frogs!)

They are not fantastic (the red bit is ment to be a little singing mouth but i'm not convinced!) but should look like i've made some sort of effort! 
I usually help out at the fair but can't this year as i'm off to bootcamp for the weekend - Yes i am mad. I'll tell you all about it next week or the week after depending on when my muscles start working again!


Tuesday, 26 June 2012

granny squares

OK, the title says it all. we went to visit the in-laws this weekend so i occupied myself with crocheting granny squares. hoping to put them together into a little dolly type blanket. 
yes, the pink does have sparkles in and i thought it went quite well the the turquoisey green.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Swap goodies

Hi all,
 This morning i got into work and found a parcel waiting for me. Its a blog swap parcel from the lovely Norma who blogs here. The swap was organised by Lakota who generally makes me laugh with her blog posts.
 Anyway, i can't show you what I've sent as its not arrived yet and i forgot to take pictures (doh!) but her is what a lucky me received.
This fabricy parcel sent fantastic

 A felty soap (which means it acts like a washcloth, lavender heart, lace (destined for a 'tiny' frock), a tea cosy (which i was in need of) and some lush fabric.
 the previous piccy doesn't show how beautiful the fabric is, neither does this, wish you could all pet the fabric, its sooooo soft.
The reverse of the tea cosy, and best of all it looks just like my tea pot!

Thank you Norma, just hope you like your goodies as much x

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Sofa sleeping

OK, I've been dozing off on the sofa in the evenings not getting on with any creating. So today you get to see my latest fix for tinys rain coat, which she has chewed and ripped.

its amazing what you can do with gaffer tape!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

sewing or lack of!

Hi all, I've been slacking again. maybe I'm coming down with something, perhaps its the weather or the time of year but I'm tired and lacking in any sort of get up and go!
I have managed a little sewing but as its for swaps i don't want to reveal it yet so instead here is our newest family member -  colonel Yorkshire pudding (yes, a long name for a tiny hamster but that's my kids for you!)
I also put my fabric away in its new home - the space where the hot water tank used to be
its odd, it doesn't seem like there's much there (yes there is some hidden behind the loo roll too) whereas when it was filling the lounge it seems like loads!

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Book Review - Crochet workshop

As a knitter i have also often wondered about crochet but other than trying it out at a sewing and knitting show where i did a little bit, when home and forgot everything, I'm a novice. When i found out about this book i happily asked for extra information having read Erika's previous book on simple knitting i thought this would be a great introduction to crochet, And when i was sent a copy to review i wasn't disappointed.

The look of the book is similar to her last one, beautiful, simple elegant photos, showing just what you need to see. It starts with the usual introduction to yarn and hooks before leading you through a how to guide. As a beginner it here i started and i could follow what to do very easily. The only big I'm stuck on at present is 'turning' it when doing 'flat' (not in a circle) crochet. I'm sure its simple but i haven't grasped that yet!

It shows you the effects you get using the different stitches so you can see the finish before introducting a series of projects from simple to more intermediate levels. Through out this section their are masterclasses which help out showing some more fancy stitches and techniques (such as puff stitch, the instructions for which even i could follow!). 

I'm not switching over to crochet on a permanent basis but its nice to try something different, to have another skill and to have something small that can be easily carried around. A great book for beginners to those more experiences looking for a different project.
this is my first attempt at a granny square! I'm quite proud of it and i even have something to try and make as a friends little girl got a pram for her birthday and it requires a blanket (doll pram sized is about my sort of level!)
Thank you quadrille for the chance to review this and for helping me gain a new craft.
 Its available form all good book sellers (like this one where I've found it at a fantastic price!)

Monday, 11 June 2012

Buzzy birthdays

What ho,
I spent the end of last week making a birthday frock for my friends little girl who turned 2 the previous weekend (i was very glad her party was this weekend giving me an extra week to do making!)

A full circle with a heart shaped cut out at the back.
I also made up a clothkits dolly and made her a dress to match
Although the birthday girl wasn't totally bothered by her presents her mum liked them! 
I'll have to make her a bee bag too like tinys as her party was bee themed! 
bee cakes which i helped ice, a hive cake her daddy made and tiny with a balloon on her head!


Wednesday, 6 June 2012

jubilee catch up

Well its been a long weekend off and today is my only day in work because its half term too.
 So here is my jubilee catch up

The children made hats for the fancy hat parade at school, my lads was all his own work while i helped abit on tinys.

 you've seen these before but don't they look smart. They got called to see the head teacher on friday because their outfits were considered so fantastic!

 We had abit of a street party on monday (it descended into hockey!) and yesterday my lad won a prize in the local asda's fancy dress competition (he shared his prize with his sister:))
on sunday it was Coventry blaze U10's Godiva cup (small boys play ice hockey!)
I made cake, and soakies (skate covers)
 (i made some elephanty orange ones for me too!)

 And my lad scored his 1st goal! so proud.