Thursday, 27 September 2012

Something has been made!

Well, i haven't really blogged this week. 
Its all felt slow and I've been really tired. I'm rather hoping that the children have NOT found a nice cold at school and brought it home as a gift for me, then again if it was mild i could get a couple of days off work to sew - huuuummmmmmm

Anyways - i finished off some more activity packs

I've got started on some bunting - Christmas style

and i added some fluff to the ice skate decoration i made to see if it looked good - quite chuffed with it now - what do you think?

Monday, 24 September 2012


Sorry, I've been rubbish at posting and taking pictures of anything.
The highlight of this post is some fabric i got from the lovely Kitschy coo
Think it will probably say 'i must try harder' on my school report!

Monday, 17 September 2012


What ho,
 i've made keyrings, big squishy house ones. a little on the large side prehaps but perfect for finding keys at the bottom of a bag!
 Don't forget the stocking swap!

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Pink activities -help

What ho,
I've had a go at something different and would value your thoughts.

Its a mini activity pack, with a small pad of paper and room for a couple of pencils/crayons (4 max). It has a button closure and a handle so it can be carried about.
I haven't asked tiny or my lads thoughts yet as I'm concerned that if tiny likes it i may well never see it again!

The outside is all stripes of different fabrics, inside its pink gingham with a flowery bit for the pencils.
I put wadding/batting in between so its really squashy. its held together with the fun stitches from my machine and bound in pink (the only one they had on the market stall).

What do you think? yes, no, meh!
I value your thoughts, unless they really reallllllllly hate it my kids like everything and my hubby usually just grunts and mumbles something about fabric mess and more stuff!

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Christmas is coming.... Swap time

Well, i hate to say it but its on its way. I can't hear the jingle of bells yet but it not long till the shops have Slade on repeat and you can't escape the tinsel!

This must mean that its time for.........


As a small children we all received stockings from Santa, filled with sweeties, things Santa thought we'd fine useful (socks, hair bobbles and notelets for thank you letters), the odd toy and of course a tangerine! I still get a stocking because my mum does them for everyone and although she might moan a little about it she loves doing it and we love getting them.
So, as i did last year, i thought I'd organise a swap so we can all have them
So to the swap 'rules'
It must include a stocking (bort or made)
and in this stocking you must put - 
A Christmas decoration
             purchased or handmade, we all like pretties!
           nuts, chocolate? Santa always pops yummy treats in a stocking
Something useful 
          socks, fabric, ribbons, hair bobbles? read your partners blog and find out what they'd
          find useful
         or a representation of them. We always got bubble bath, I'm sure Santa thinks i stink!
Something to play with  
       fabric again, a small cuddly toy, air fix model!!!!!
and last but not least
the tangerine 
      or something that represents it

 sign up below. make sure i can contact you by email as I'll send you a tiny little questionnaire to help your swap partner (and thus you).  Closing date  - October 2nd (ish) plenty of time to get it sorted and sent out before the big day!

Do say if your happy to post internationally as I'd like to welcome anyone who would like to join in.

Do add the piccy and link to your sidebar and spread the word.

Monday, 10 September 2012

home again (includes fabric shopping!)

Well, after having been at home for a fortnight i had to go away to 'that' London for work.
 A conference, but while there i did get a little time to myself to visit the fashion section of the V & A and mooch about in fabric shops (OK, by mooch i mean spend a fortune!)

these are my favourite frocks from the V & A, i just love the green fabric!

My shopping needed a guide so i consulted the oracle that is google and found this post by cargo cult craft, i highly recomend a read if your heading off to London and intend to 'shop'.

Following the suggestions i went to the Goldhawk road and after a coffee stop and a little walk (in the wrong direction) i found 4 fabric shops with in a very small space (bigger than a postage stamp but still really close together!)
my fav here is classic textiles, i could and did spend lots of money - they have discount liberty prints!

These all came from classic textiles except the small flowery print in the shot next to the big yellow tulips - that's a liberty print needle cord that i got from  Shaukat, this shop is amazing! its soooo beautiful, again lots of liberty prints (at cheaper prices).

I then tootled into the centre of 'that' London. I visited liberty's
felt i should buy something so got a thimble!
I then tootled down Berwick street.
 Its full of fabric shops, beautiful, fun but expensive (well expensive to this regional country bumpkin, well that how this Birmingham dweller felt!)
i did get something from the cloth house 
this pale pink striped jersey, it was in the cheap ends basket and i though it would make a good frock for tiny!

so what do you think of my shopping trip! anyone have any requests for things for me to make from my fabric?

Wednesday, 5 September 2012


 Kids are back at school
I think I'm going to like my lads green jumpers much more than the yellow one!
Despite having plans to do things I've managed nothing (well i did manage to bet bitten by nasty flying beasties but i don't think that counts) but sew a few bits of pink fabric together.
what do you think? not too hideous!
I'm off on a conference for work now so will get nothing done till next week.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Summer break blues

What ho all,
I've been off on my summer break, did you miss me?
Well, i say break, i was at mums with the children for a week and then at home with them for a second week. Now I'm back at work, which is why i'm blue!

I went to the festival of quilts, it seems like an age ago now! I met up with Fiona from the sewing directory and a couple of others for a cuppa.
I looked at fab quilts and bought way too much fabric! 

OK, just how could i resist this for a frock for tiny!
 I joined in with one of the workshops and made a patchwork pincushion (and another at home)

Then i was off to mums. My sewing machine went in for a service (£117 - had to have new foot pedal! OW!)
so i knitted
Back at home with my machine working extremely well (it even sounds happier!)
 i made a gym bag for my lad. I also made him a pencil case. It's supposed to be a pencil but it may be a rocket!

I put a divider in it so the coloured pencils can go on one side and the other things (ruler, rubber etc) can go on the other.
I've got started on Christmas by making pencil rolls

and finally last night (very late) i did my first attempt at a teddy skate dress! its not finished. teddy needs elastic round the legs and a finish round the neck and cuffs (and possible a straightening up of the skirt edge),

what do you think? does teddy look good? (i know teddy doesn't look happy but that's cos its a boy teddy and i;m sure most boys wouldn't be pleased at having to model a frock!)