Monday, 2 December 2013


What ho,
I have a problem, and no one else can help, and if i can find them, i need the A-team.....
no not really
i've been having internet/email issues and have lost the details for my stocking swap partner!!!!
massive DOH!!!

So swap partner -  please contact me on my hotmail address (the one on here)

Also here are some cakes i made to get you all festive!

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

nearly a month!

OMG its been nearly a month since i blogged!
I have been very unproductive since then but here is a couple of things i did get round to making - 

tiny had her cat outfit for halloween

we made grave stone gingerbread planted into chocolate cake graves (yum)

tinys pumpkin

my lads pumpkin

my table at last sundays craft fair - i've been making for this

stockings i made.

So, now i have one more craft fair,  some christmas stuff and something special to make, i won't let on but will show you pictures when its done:)

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Tiny pirate

Its Tinys pirate day at school. Shes very excited.
I put her in the same outfit her brother used when he had pirate day
I'd forgotten how small he was then, the outfit was a bit large on him, its even bigger on tiny!

captain pose

pirate ponytail!

Tuesday, 22 October 2013


This is me skating - according to Tiny anyway.

Loving my top.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Getting ready

This last week I've been doing getting ready sewing,

Hot pants for tiny - for her dance classes 

A unitard thing with a zip in the front, i just have to finish it off and add a tail and tiny has her requested cat outfit for Halloween. Just need an old sheet now so the boy can be a ghost! 

and finally I've been sewing for the couple of Christmas craft fairs I'm doing, been having fun making trees of various sizes. the kids like them and keep trying to claim them!


Wednesday, 9 October 2013

!st birthday gift

The pictures are hideous but this is what i've been up to

A little play suit, with poppered legs for nappy access. Should be big enought to have a jumper/leggings or tights under in the winterey months and may last into the spring.
Hope she likes it!

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Garage fabric

 i'm not dead. Some of you may have thought it as i haven't blogged in a while but i'm not. slowly rotting maybe but not dead yet!
I have made something and i'll show you that tommorrow but today i wanted to show how fab my chums are. 
Last week i bumped into my friend husband at the shops
 'ooooo, Helen, just the person i wanted to see'
I always cringe at these words cos last time they were used i ended up with a fake beard and a tea towel on my head (look about  half way down)
' we've cleared out the gargae and have some fabric for you'
Yipee , i can't turn down free fabric and hubby can't moan too much as its free!

The following friday The 4 binbags (half full cos you know how heavy it gets) arrived at my house.
I've had a great time sorting it all out. I made up one bag to go into school as its stuff i'll never use. 
Some is that really thick furnishing fabric - it'll make fab bags (infact there were 6 sets of bag handles lurking in the binbags too!).
I have a massive pile to wash as it all has that special - been stored in a garage smell.
It also contained some liberty prints. 
Don't get too excited its not flowery lawn, but furnishing fabric. I have pictures and i'm going to e-mail them to liberty so they can tell me more.
Anyway, Heres some pics..


Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Stocking Swap 2013

Well, i hate to say it but its on its way. I can't hear the jingle of bells yet but it not long till the shops have Slade on repeat and you can't escape the tinsel!

This must mean that its time for.........

Yes, Its time for a swap
Sorry, swap now closed for this year.

As a small children we all received stockings from Santa, filled with sweeties, things Santa thought we'd fine useful (socks, hair bobbles and notelets for thank you letters), the odd toy and of course a tangerine! I still get a stocking because my mum does them for everyone and although she might moan a little about it she loves doing it and we love getting them.
So, as i did last year, i thought I'd organise a swap so we can all have them
So to the swap 'rules'
It must include a stocking (bort or made) or equivalent (i got a fab loo seat cover last year!)
and in this stocking you must put - 
A Christmas decoration
             purchased or handmade, we all like pretties!
           nuts, chocolate? Santa always pops yummy treats in a stocking
Something useful 
          socks, fabric, ribbons, hair bobbles? read your partners blog and find out what they'd
          find useful
         or a representation of them. We always got bubble bath, I'm sure Santa thinks i stink!
Something to play with  
       fabric again, a small cuddly toy, air fix model!!!!!
and last but not least
the tangerine 
      or something that represents it

 sign up below. make sure i can contact you by email as I'll send you a tiny little questionnaire to help your swap partner (and thus you).  Closing date  - October 9th (ish) plenty of time to get it sorted and sent out before the big day!

Do say if your happy to post internationally as I'd like to welcome anyone who would like to join in. 

 if you';ve joined in before do say (if you can remember that far back) who you were partnered with

Do add the piccy and link to your sidebar and spread the word.

friends swap 2013

 I've had some computer issues and so can now get round to showing you all what i recieved in the friends swap 2013. I would show you what i made but i seem to have failed to take/or can't locate any pictures of what i sent (doh!)

F - frog
R - Ribbon
I - Indigo
E - Envolope (for tissues)
N - Needles and notebook
D -Doll
S -Sissors

Lucky me! Thanks Cucki

Monday, 9 September 2013

Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat...

OK its only September but the C word is coming (and its not just the goose that getting fat but more about my chocolate addition another time!)
i got myself Christmas fabric when i was at the quilt show in august and I've started making with it! what do you think?
Its from a McCall's pattern. i don't usually buy patterns for things like this but i really like this one.

does it need little jingle bells on the ends of the branches?  should i make the 'big' one off the pattern (it'll take just over 2 meters of fabric, this one took nearly 1)

Friday, 6 September 2013

At last...

At last i am back blogging. 
I had intended to blog earlier this week but the pictures i had taken were on my camera and I've put the camera lead in a 'safe place'. So safe i can't find it! DOH
i have now managed to get the pictures off my camera (big thanks to someone with a card reader!)

I've been making for a swap so can't show you that yet but here (only 4 day late!) are my 2 on their first day back at school, and his new pencil case which he helped me make.


Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Seams so easy - Kit review.

I had the chance to review a kit from seams so easy .
Based in Beckenham, Kent they offer sewing workshops ands classes, especially designed for kids.
They also have a selection of kits available, suitable for all levels of sewing.
 A challenge for the beginner but fun for the more experienced too.
 I selected the the love birds cushion (as i thought it would go well with the red and white patchwork ones i made just after Christmas last year.)

 (sorry about the photo orientation but today computer says no!)

Anyway, the kit arrived promptly. It has all the materials you need to make the cushion cover, including pins and needles.

I had no trouble stitching a running stitch around the heart shape, and it is well explained for those who may be new to it. I did worry about my stitching being even but decided that if it was abit off it would just look rustic!
The running stitch is an easy way to embellish the pre-printed pattern and for a child or beginner it makes enough of a difference to be proud of.
The reverse is a red gingham, and full instructions are given on hemming it and attaching it.

Here is my finished cushion

 A quick ish project for me but i enjoyed it alot and it produced a cushion cover that's very pretty.
A perfect thing for those just starting out to try as with relative ease an attractive cushion cover can be created, and it can easily be further embellish by the more experience to create a completely individual cushion.


Monday, 19 August 2013

a break

What ho,
 i've been on holiday at my mums house. its a fab holiday destination, comfy, cheap, has in-built childcare (my dad), a chef (mum). Its nice to not have to do anything, even if its just for a week (don't think my mum could cope with longer!)
before i went i visited the festival of quilts, but not until after i'd had to make a dragon outfit.
Yes, Tiny did the by the way mum, i need to be a dragon tomorrow thing as she went to bed!
She also insisted that her tail had to be puffy!
see my use of her dino dress

my green tights, and alot of gaffer tape!

pinned on wings

puffy tail as requested!

 I did get to see the quilts and did a workshop, i'll show you what i made when i finish it! but for now heres some quilts.