Thursday, 28 October 2010

Some thing for the boy!

Well as i made something for tiny last weeki had to produce something for her big brother as he would be miffed if i didn't. A super hero cape seem to be the item of preference and so her is my effort!

He was most upset that he could't fly though despite running up and down outside the house! he did get the fan out and make it flap properly though!
I have enough fabric to make some more for my stall at the church craft fair and have promised that when they are done i'll use some excess blue fabric to make him a C on the back of his cape!
Also been busy making reversible notebook covers, what do you think?

Monday, 25 October 2010

poo fariy!

Well here she is the poo fairy herself! after covering herself, me and my bed i poo on wednesday morning tiny proceeded to cover herslef, her carpet and walls in poo on thursday! lucky mummy, i love scrubbing carpet at 6am! I had the day off from the lab to be with her. made her one of the frilly skirts and she insisted on wearing it all day (even with PJ's!)

she is my little poo fairy!
Haven't been up to much crafting this weekend as we had a break at the sea side (burnham on sea).

It may have been cold but what ever the weather my kids love sand!
And yes, tiny did sit in the wet sand! She then took her wellies off and jumped up and down in puddles! good job i was prepared with spare outfits and extra woolies!

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

In which i get moving on making things!

ok, i have finally got myself in gear and have started to make somethings for the church craft fair!
maked hair bands!
made more than i planned to. Started cutting them out in doubles or some reason thinking they had a front and a back! so i have 20 now rather than 10! never mind they don't go off!
Also had a play with net. Made this for tiny's little friends 3rd birthday which is soon.
what do you all think? i have plenty of net left (even after tiny has forced me to make her one!). do you think they would sell?

As always thank yous for looking and your thoughts are much appreciated! X

The gallery - the colour red

Well its my second week finding a picture and i have to say i struggled! red isn't a big colour in my house, orange is far more popular! its not halloweeney but it has red in it and i like it!
Little man asleep in the car!Bless!

Monday, 18 October 2010

in which i do something stupid!

Ok, i have done something stupid! I have signed up to a stall at the church craft fair! now i have to find the time to make things for it! i could do with some help ideas wise! what should i make???? i've cut out some hair bands and notebook covers! and thought i'd do some of these storge bags too. (from sewhip)
Little bags (for little people) and prehaps some bigger ones for bigger people. any more ideas!!!!
I have to get moving on this as i'm busy for the next few weekends! this weekend we visited friends and i got my 1st cuddle of their little girl. i have met jessica (the little one who i made the pink stocking for) before but couldn't cuddle her as she has pierre robin sequence and had to lie still!
the kids enjoyed giving her loves too. i think she may have a crush on boy when shes older!
It quite nice to see her with out her tube (although this was because she sicked it out!)
Jessica - we love you. x

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

The Gallery - my favourite photograph

My photograph for Tara's Gallery challenge this week (stickyfingers) - (and my first photo for the gallery) is of my son and my dad. We took my dad to disneyland paris for his 70th birthday and the 2 little lads were tired out, it reminds me of a fantastic trip and just how much my dad loves my kiddies.
Cute arn't they! (and yes my dad is 'cuddling' a pirate hook!)

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

And the winner is...

Well its time to find out who won the mittons!
 I went for the usual Random selection process and used small children!
All the names went in the pumpkin bucket/hat/anything else they deem it to be and while tiny held it boy selected.
And the answer is....
Crafy helen   (sorry its blured but my random name generater was dancing about!)
Well done you, hope you enjoy the warm hands.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Finally finished some stuff

Hooray, i have finally got round to finishing some things - the christmas stocking i've been making for a while and an advent calandermade from one of those printed sheets with instructions.

And now for something completely different -  a dew covered spiders web i saw on the way to work...

And don't for get my Mitton Giveaway, you never know i might hide something in them!!!

Tuesday, 5 October 2010


Well, i've got 20 loverly followers and have been on here a couple of months. I've been lucky enough to win a couple of things from other peoples blogs so have decided to host a giveaway. Its not a very exciting giveaway i'll grant you but as the colder weather comes along someone may make use of the prize. Which is...........
A pair of handknitted long fingerless gloves.
I made a pair of these for Kathy my autumn swap partner and have since knitted a second pair. They go up to my elbows (i tested them) to prevent up-sleeve drafts and would fit over a second pair of gloves to keep fingers toasty.
SO If you'd like to have them sent to you just leave me a comment.
You have till October the 11th midnight ish.
Do follow if you like and tweet about it etc if the fancy takes you.
Thanks and happy commenting. X

Monday, 4 October 2010

more on atumn swapping

Now i know kathy has recieved her swap items i can tell you all about them,

mushroom pincushion, travel sewing kit, zombie duck badge (well its halloween!), fingerless but arm covering gloves (was hoping the wool made it look abit like falling autum leaves!) and a pumpkin!
I really enjoyed doing this swap and will probably sign up for more, thanks to all involved.

Slightly christmassy

Been upto some christmas makings this weekend, tried my hand at a heart shaped decoration
And have been faffing with lots of little santa type hats i knitted in june!
Been putting the tassles on the tops and finally to brighten up any rainy days a sunny day in the park! (kids are dropping leaves in the brook and watching the swim away!)