Monday, 29 July 2013

Family sewing.

What ho,
 I have been sewing but its taken me a while. I've been trying something new(ish)
Its a figure skater, I've been thinking about this for a while and finally searched the Internet for silhouettes as my drawing skills are about the level of an 8 year old.
I've appliqued on her and the pretty fabric (shes done in navy cotton, the pretty stuff is liberty print) and I'm embroidering (i use this word loosely!) the rest of the pattern.
I've been using my fab frixion pens that i got a while ago. They just iron off! (i tested them in this post)
I'm planning a spot of bling on it too, just a few sparkles (everyone knows skaters love their sparkles).

I'll let you see it when its done.

While i was stitching my lad decided he wanted to try, so i got him some fabric, popped it into an embroidery hoop (though he'd find that easier that 'free' sewing) and he drew his picture and started sewing
then tiny wanted to join in! so i had to cut out an owl shape in felt for her.

no, i don't know why she has no trousers on!

Monday, 22 July 2013

Dinosaur Birthday

What ho,
 My tiny is 6 today! I can't believe shes 6 already.
She had her birthday party yesterday and, as I'm sure you've guessed,, it was Dino themed. I was quiet last week because I've been making Dino things for her party, but as the party's over i can share them with you.
Dino Party bags

 I made party bags with dinosaur fabric. I also got lots of dinosaur themed things to go inside! (pencil, notebook, stickers etc). Each had a name label. When we went to Legoland Windsor i took pictures of Lego Dinosaurs. I printed some of these off and they were attached to the bags. That way we knew that everyone had their bag (and if they put them down who's it was) and tiny got to select which small plastic dinosaur each of her friends had!

Dino cake
 Not the best cake in the world but Tiny loved it and enjoyed helping me with the green icing and silver balls. I used giant Yorkie chocolate buttons for the 'plates' on his back (OK i know its a T-Rex type Dino but i though it should have plates anyway!)

And finally 

Tiny had a new dress for her party. She loves the plates down the back!

Well they had a good time, digging in mud and following dinosaur trails round the wildlife reserve  (party organised by WWT. I love that the party profits go to a good cause and they gave tiny a present - she's adopted a dormouse for the year. hopefully she won't ask if it can live at our house or if it can be pink!)

Running about!


Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Silly me

Yes, i have been a silly me. I have sprained my foot. I now have a tubey grip up my leg and feel very very silly!

On a different not i have made some more tooth monsters!

Its my legs they are resting on - i wore a skirt (a rare thing) as it was very very warm!

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Tooth fairy

What ho,
 Its the 4th of July. Happy fourth of July to any American types out there.
As a Brit I'm not entirely sure what I'm supposed to think about it, happy you beat us in a war day????
Well it was quite a while ago now, lots of water under the bridge and that. you know you'll be welcomed back if you ever decide you don't want to be independent any more. you could have some of our Royal family (we have plenty).

 Anyway, i made something! Yes instead of sitting on my expansive bottom and doing nothing i sat on it and made something!

He he, got some more to make now!

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

A new shop in Birmingham

I had planned to blog this yesterday but I have a very busy day in the lab (the science one).

A new shop has opened in the Great Western Arcade (colmore row, Birmingham) just down from the lovely Sparklewren, who's boutique i discovered a couple of weeks ago.
 This is The Handmade Boutique

It has some fantastic home made gifts, soaps, children's clothes, bags, stationary, furniture, ceramics etc etc. My pictures do not do the pretties justice at all (but anyone who reads my blog knows my photography skills are lacking!)

Its a collective of 18 local independent designers and makers who have got together to bring their fabulous creations to the high street

There is something for almost everyone and i think i will have to shop here for birthdays! (and probably myself)
 you can find them on facebook and on twitter (@HandmadeBoutiqu) and if your in Birmingham its well worth a pootle down to, you won't be disappointed and you probably won't leave empty handed.