Thursday, 17 January 2013

Procrastinate (said in a dalek style)

Well, as the title suggests i have been doing the following

The cushions are mocking me! They sit there, i sit there and they glare at me, if they had tongues they'd be sticking them out at me and saying narny narny nar nar!

I did cut out some backs last night so a teeny tiny amount of progress has been made! (but not much!)

On a totally different note, i was reading a thread on the old face book earlier this week about disappearing ink pens - you know the ones, you write on the fabric and it either disappears with time, washes off or is heat killed.

I popped into the stationary shop, bought some and have tested it!
 Here it is with scribble on - (a 100% cotton for IKEA) - it may not look it but i did do a good dark scribble with those circles, and went over the star several times.
Its a pental frixtion pen (Amazon link)
and here it is after i ran an iron over it (a reasonably hot one, i couldn't be bothered to test at different temps)
Good eh! No idea what I'll use them for yet but they did have a 3 for 2 offer on so i got loads (think giveaway soon!)


  1. Love the pen, it really is magic!

    Bee happy x

  2. Magic disappearing pen!! That it's great. I've heard of these loads and have always wondered whether or not to get some once I finally started sewing, because I was leery of their successfulness, but this proves - realllly need to find some!! (oh yes, and i found your blog via a thrifty mrs :) )

    1. Keep your eye out, planning a giveaway v soon and it will involve pens.

  3. This looks very useful indeed!


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