Thursday, 20 December 2012

Merry Christmas

Well, i'll be off till the new year now, 
i'm hoping to get these finished tonight
and then i have someting to keep me busy till the sewing machine out again in the new year
hope you all have a nice break
Merry Christmas to you all. x

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Stockings and ice!

What ho (with a tiny christmassy jingle),
 Well, i sent off 2 stockings in this years stocking swap. I hold my hands up and admit i have been totally rubbish and not taken photos of what I've sent. My head has just not been with it!

I received one lovely package from jenny from over at the gingerbread house
it was abit of a picture fail but i do have one - of the stocking alternative that she sent (i love it, hubby isn't convinced) 
(yes that is my loo!)

I also swapped with Sue from @home
she has spoilt me completely!

Isn't the stocking fab! (my fave colour). the kids have been messing with nuts (i think the hamster has had the most to eat!) and bickering over who the big candy cane belongs to!

A big thank you to you both and i hope you love your stockings too.

AND now the ice!
here is tiny and my lad showing off their outfits that they wore yesterday in Coventry's Christmas cracker ice show!
tiny looking bright

tiny in her wintery outfit

my lad in his wintery outfit

PJ's for walking in the air!

they had a fab time, so did I (and no, there are no pictures of me in an orange and purple tutu or my purple cape!). I ache abit today and I'm pooped so how they will be i don't know!

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Bullies 2012 christmas pose!

Here it is, i know you've been waiting for it, 
Bullies latest Christmas gear!
Sorry but i do like to show you what he's wearing like last years Christmas jumper, his UK outfit and his Speedos

So here he is..............

Monday, 10 December 2012

weekends are fun!

What ho all,
This weekend hasn't been a very fabricy one.
I have made things though!

 It is supposed to be a sleigh! its made from chocolate bars all wrapped up, candy canes and a ribbon.
 They are Christmas teacher gifts. my children and hubby were not convinced that its a sleigh, what do you think?

Also we went to christingle on Sunday. Its not something that i ever attended as a child because we didn't do it at our church, but our local church here does so i like to take the children. They enjoy it!

and yes, they did manage not to eat the sweeties till after the candles had been lit!
We had a lovely time Although i did get collared for the Christmas eve nativity play, i am now a Shepard! must find appropriate tee towel!

Thursday, 6 December 2012

PJ tops

OK, I'm a cheat. i don't have the time (and currently the inclination) or fabric to make PJ tops for the PJ trousers I've been making as presents. 
So I've cheated. its out of focus but what do you think? Will i get away with it?
The blue/black fabric is flannel with little cream stars, though a rocket went best (and yes that is silver in the port hole).

Tuesday, 4 December 2012


 I've been busy - at my day job though so i haven't sewn much - as a consolation i present you with CAKE!

A couple of nice Dundee cakes, one for our Christmas at home and one for a work mate - it an ongoing Christmas joke!