Thursday, 27 March 2014

and finally

at last,
i've been trying all week to blog but have be rushed off my great smelly feet.

heres my week ; 
on saturday i wemt to the sewing for pleasure show with my mummy, 
saw this and had to take a picture - its suitable for seveal of my friends!

Then on sunday tiny had me help her start making a sock bunny

apparently shes hagrid!

Then the tooth fairy came to visit on tuesday
and last night i fianally finished something thats been sitting around for weeks, some dolls clothes for a friends little girls dolly.
I'll be sending these to their new owner before i make any more, want to be sure they fit ok!


Monday, 17 March 2014

More cushions

Just a quick one.
These are the cushions i made for my friend for her birthday
She likes snails by the way!

Tuesday, 11 March 2014


What ho,
I saw this fabric and had to have some. I also knew just what to do with it.
I happen to know the father of one of the little girls who is performing in Matilda (she starts today - good luck).
I wanted to wish her good luck so made her these
zippy pouch

draw string bag

comfy cushion
hope all goes well :)

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Book day

its world book day. My lad its all dressed up.Tiny doesn't get dressed up till tomorrow as one of the years of her school are on a trip today. she's going to be a skater! what a surprise!
 my lad wanted to be a space man so i made this

i quite like the suit, with its felt patches!
 hope your having book fun too x

Monday, 3 March 2014


Hidy ho,
Well i didn't write last week. I was being ill and got nothing done (even the washing up ended up being stacked up for 3 days!)
At the end of the week i received a gift form my friend. She'd been to Sri Lanka and brought me fabric (me friends know me so well!)
Lovely orange and to others that will make fab frocks for tiny.

On Saturday tiny did her first ice skating competition. It was just a little one for club members only but she enjoyed herself, wearing her skate dress and the matching boot covers and hair band she had me russel up. complete with bling!
She did very well and came first in her group!
even her brother is proud of her!