Friday, 27 August 2010

Book review - and all that knitting!

A Couple of weeks ago i was sent a knitting book to review, so here are my thoughts

The knitter year - Debbie bliss
This stylish book is filled with 52 projects to see you through the year. Broken down onto the 4 seasons it offeres small projects that can be easily completed within a week. The projects range from the traditional (baby cardy) to the more intersting (pot holders anyone?) that are suitable as gift items. some of the projects are not to my taste by may apeel to others and may also provide interesting stitches for other projects. Debbie uses her own range of yarn for the projects but there is a handy conversion chart in the front of the book which me and mum who tested some of the patterens for me found useful and we found no problems in knitting some of the things up. If you have any books containing similar patterens then you may find it repetative but for those who haven't ventured into the world of modern knitting itmay well be the book for you.
I'll upload some more pics soon, i'm at my mums and her computer doesn't like my new camera! that and the kids who should be going to sleep are running about screaming!

And here they are...... a door stop,  flowers, christmas tree and a baby cardy and not finished box that mum made.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

new family member

We have a new pet in our house. Well, my son does but as he's 5 guess whos looking after it!

Captin sausage, as the hamster has been named lives here
but refused to come out for the camera
the fish however, didn't mind the photo at all!
really need to spend my evenings doing things other than hamster watching!

Monday, 23 August 2010


I won a giveaway last week (v.v.v exciting). It was from the loverly people at alex and alexa.
I opened the parcel to find a pretty pink box , and in it was........
a dinky pink tee-shirt and some soapy lollys.

the teeshirt fits my tiny beautifully
although she only managed to keep it clean for 5 mins!

Tuesday, 17 August 2010


Well, i have been busy, but at work! i do have a reason for being called the undomesticated scientist! i am a scientist and as my house is a pigsty i think i live up to the undomesticated bit! Anyway today i have exciting (and i use the term loosely) pictures of my latest experiment!

and at home i have been knitting -but i can't show you the results of that yet!

Thursday, 12 August 2010


Here is my latest cake. Patty at my little tiny girls nursery is 60 tommorrrow so i made her a cake. Its the same chocolatey chocolate cake i've made lots of times before but this one has chewy heart sweeties on to show how much everyone loves her!

As this post is related to cake i think its time to show off a couple of cakes i made earlier this year. A castle for a friends little girl and a catapiller for my sons birthday. I don't usually do cake for other people but my friends little girl is coeliac (gluten free) like me and as her mum doesn't bake, me making the cake ment that this year (for the first time, and she was 5) she could eat her birthday cake!

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

bags of fabric!

I was lucky enough to win a lucky bag from abakhan fabrics. full of lots and lots of little bits of interesting fabrics (and lots of string!!). boy has booked the halloween material for a scarf and its a hard job to keep little boo from hugging the fluffy stuff! Any ideas how to use it?????? and does anyone think the cordy fabric will be washable? it says dryclean but what do you think, it would be a great patchwork skirt for boo if it could be washed!

And then i went and made something but didn't use any of it!!!!!!
a gift for a friends little girls, is it a nighty? is it a dress or is it a smock top???? she gets to decide!

Monday, 9 August 2010

Book review

How to Sew: Published by David and Charles (
Although there are many books out there on how to sew, the beauty of this set of e-books is there downloadable form, providing an easy introduction to a varity of different sewing styles and skills. They cover a range of sewing subjects such as
'The Basics': This leads the reader through many of the things, equipment and techniques involved in sewing. From fabric, threads and basic kit to a quick dip into patchwork and zips. Full of handy tips for both the novice and more established seamstress this little e-book provides a fantastic dip into the work of sewing.

'Applique': Providing an introduction to applique, explaining what it is and some of the possibilities for its use, this e-book gives precise, detailed and easy to follow instructions on how to applique. It provides tips for both hand and machine applique which is followed by 3 projects, giving the reader something to try out and an idea of the uses of this technique.

 'Patchwork': This e-book introduces the reader to the world of patchwork, providing an easy to follow step-by-step guide which includes fabric preperation, cutting, piecing fabrics togeather either by hand or by machine and also provides an introduction to quilting. Again, it contains easy to follow projects that can be completed by the reader highlighting a varity of projects it can beused for, not just the standard quilt that patchwork usually conjures up.
'Machine sewing': 'A sewing machine is one of the most expensive pieces of sewing equipment you will buy' and so this book aims to guide the reader through the intricacies of machine sewing, from basics of different feet and fabric preperation to basic stitches and their uses. The projects included in this book are easy to follow and provide and good introduction to machine sewing.

I have enjoyed these book and look forward to the rest of the series as they will provide me with an inspirational read on my commute.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010


I've been looking at some books the the sewing directory asked for reviewers for,
it will be here soon, read 2, have 2 to go and then have to word it all so it makes sense!
Anyway just thought i'd mention that Mandy over at simply solids is having a give away -

Monday, 2 August 2010

little things

Well i've been at home for the last week with my little man who is enjoying his 1st summer holidays from school and who will tell anyone who will listen that he has 6 weeks off! haven't got alot done!
I finally managed to sew togeather some shorts that i cut out ages ago, they are for my little madam and she managed to keep them dry (potty training going well but she doesn't always get there in time) till 4pm!

Earlier in the week little holiday boy helped me make some large bags with left over party bag fabric, i guided the fabric and he pressed the foot pedel of the machien, he enjoyed it but got bored after abit!
here is his sisters one filled with plastic plates and food.

On friday my husband went to the postoffice to collect a mystery parcel. It amuses me that the postman always puts his name on those 'your were out' notes that they stick through the door! (i didn't change my surname when we married). he was all excited about what it was but it was me that got to be excited, it was a loverly gift from Fiona at the the sewing directory. a book called 'The crafty kid' by Kelly Doust.
Its full of loverly loverly projects to make for or with kiddies.
I had to try something from the book so i picked up some hair clips and felt (thank you pound land, i know they are not the best quality but they did the trick!) and made these - as modeled by 'old rabbit'.
Little lady wanted to try and eat them, them holiday boy tested them out and a scuffle followed. (may have to make him a pair!). Have promised them both pillow cases with their names on too like this one from the book.