Tuesday, 27 July 2010

finished the jumper!

i finally finished making the little jumper for my sons friends mom, and just in time, it was the end of term and i managed to give it to her in the morning!

nice and stripy with little star shaped navy buttons.

As it was little girls birthday party i made party bags for her. i planned to make them from some old orange curtains but a trip to the birmingham rag market produced some fabric that was far more suitable for a farm party!

1st i sewed up the sides,
leaving a gap at the top of one side.

then i turned the top over and sewed it round, the gap at the was ready for ribbon, blue for boys and pink for girls.
i then made a whole pile of them! the kids (and their mummies) loved them, it made it worth while to spend an evening making them.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Birthday girl

Today my little girly is 3!
Last night the birthday fairy came and left presents and balloons!
i also managed to finish her cake but not the jumper i've been knitting. so here is my 1st attempt at rabbit cake using the jigsaw mould i got from lakeland (where else!)

yes it does have a marshmallow tail!

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Barcelona fabric

It looks like i've been up to very little these last few days but i have been creative.
I've been knitting a jumper for one of my sons school friends mums new baby. it takes me quite a while to knit things as i have to note everything down due to small people disrupting me and i don't want to loose my place!
I also baked a cake for my daughters birthday, which i'll post pictures of after i've iced it! its supposed to be a rabbit but currently i'm not convinced, at least i know it should taste ok, most things do when smothered in buttercream (pink of course!)

So today i have a couple of pictures for you all, its the fabric i picked up in barcelona.

This is from the teixits donna. i thought the black and spotty would make nice bits on a dress or skirt. could not resist the bunny fabric as my little girl loves bunnies and i thought the cherry stuff was really nice. no plans for it at present other than to just look at it alot! and all three were in a sale!

I also got some from ribes & casals (pau claris), in a sale again. shorts for my boy from the car fabric and possibly cushions with the other????

Monday, 19 July 2010


Well, last week i was away in barcelona for work! although i did attend talks and look at posters i also had time to look around and do some shopping! As all the pictures i could ever need are in the guide book i've got, i took pictures of other things that i thought pretty like paving slabs and door knockers!.
along with some nice buildings (inc cathedral)
on my trip around with my work mate (who i found out is also into dress making and can crochet!), we found a street with 3, yes 3 fabric shops on!
this is the first one we found, and it was fab!
It was fabric heaven! i'll get some pictures of what o bort soon (as if i could enter these shops and leave with nothing!!!!!!!) although the assistances thought i was abit mad for taking pictures!!!

I also got the chance to wear the frock i made......

please excuse the shoes, i was having a foot swelling moment, i don't do well in the heat!

Monday, 12 July 2010

Weekends and cake!

Well the weekend is over and yet again i achieved very little! I did manage to have the longe abit tidyer! hubby put up the new table so the kids are sitting down to eat! and i have somewhere to put my sewing machiene so i couls finish that frock i was making! When i have a picture of me in it i'll post it but hubby was watching the football and i didn't trust hi to take a flattering shot of me, that and we don't have any large mirrors in our house (we have 2 and they are both small head and sholders ones. prehaps that the next thing i sould suggest that we need! when hes got over the cupboard and table).

I did make a cake this weekend though, one of the ladies at my daughters nursery is 40 today so i made her a cake.

Chocolate cake, with extra chocolatey dark chocolate fugey icing, topped with marshmallows and drizzled with milk chocolate. It was hard to keep the little fingers away from it so had to feed them marshmallows covered in icing to keep them away from it!!!!!

Thursday, 8 July 2010

TV Star

I'm in this trying tooth powder....

Wednesday, 7 July 2010


Finally i got out the loverly dress kit that i won back in april. Its a kit from sewbox that i won in a sewing directory competition. i cut it out a while ago but have been plucking up the courage to make it.

Its a loverly wrap dress and so far it looks like this (once again sorry photo is the wrong way round, one day i'll sort that out!
I had planned to finish it last night but husband decided to build this so didn't get the chance!
didn't mind though as it gives me a sewing machien house

Monday, 5 July 2010


Do not worry, there is no ned to look away, i have not been wearing then!!!!!
i made a pair for my son., These had pockets in and i didn't managed to do it quite properly but they fit, and he likes them. I made a pair for my little nephew too, but didn't do pockets for him as i figured he didn't really need them!

here they are in action doing some digging: