Monday, 3 October 2011

Swap things and sunday night makes.

This morning i had a lovely large parcel at work, it was my goodies from the friends swap -
F is for fabric
R is for rug (mug rug)
I is for items for sewing
E is for edible
N is for needlecase (in my favourite colour - orange)
D is for decoration
S is for scented

Lucky lucky me, thank you Heather, This has cheered me up on a day when my experiment has gone all wrong.
Ok, on to what i made on sunday night -
Skate covers for the kids skates. The blades will still get bashed up but at least the covers will provide some protection while in transit. If anyone is interested i can show you how they were made. TTFN


  1. So glad you liked your parcel, I loved mine too, thanks for swapping with me! Heather x

  2. Such lovely presents! and I really like the simple way that they were wrapped with the big letter tags! You lucky lady!


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