Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The Gallery - Bond

I've been quiet again this week so I've decided to join in with the gallery. i haven't joined in for a while but thought I'd start joining in again.

This weeks topic is Bond - 
As i don't have any pictures of 007 or tiny welded to something with glue I've chosen the bond between my children and their grandpuff (yes, grandpuff - look it up in book 25, duke the lost engine of the Thomas the tank engine series)
playing at the park

getting ice cream

on holiday

on holiday

yes, they have their buckets on their heads!
They adore him and he adores them, a special bond that i hope will say in their hearts for ever.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Cushions - done!

Finally the cushions that have been mocking me are done!

look - All posh and they have nice ties to keep the padded bit in!
 quite proud of them!

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Procrastinate (said in a dalek style)

Well, as the title suggests i have been doing the following

The cushions are mocking me! They sit there, i sit there and they glare at me, if they had tongues they'd be sticking them out at me and saying narny narny nar nar!

I did cut out some backs last night so a teeny tiny amount of progress has been made! (but not much!)

On a totally different note, i was reading a thread on the old face book earlier this week about disappearing ink pens - you know the ones, you write on the fabric and it either disappears with time, washes off or is heat killed.

I popped into the stationary shop, bought some and have tested it!
 Here it is with scribble on - (a 100% cotton for IKEA) - it may not look it but i did do a good dark scribble with those circles, and went over the star several times.
Its a pental frixtion pen (Amazon link)
and here it is after i ran an iron over it (a reasonably hot one, i couldn't be bothered to test at different temps)
Good eh! No idea what I'll use them for yet but they did have a 3 for 2 offer on so i got loads (think giveaway soon!)

Monday, 14 January 2013

wibbly sewing

 Do you have snow? We do. well........ a tiny big. nothing impressive or good enough to keep the children off school and thus me at home (and sat sewing!).

Over the weekend i achieved very little - indeed on Saturday evening i managed to make a coffee!
 i did on Friday do some wibbly sewing. its not supposed to be wibbly but i did it so it is.

Do you remember this from last week? 
 well i made more

 One more log cabin style and 2 in what is apparently called court house steps. they are not square, they are 'wibbly'. I'm still quite pleased with them though!

Thursday, 10 January 2013


Hi all,
 get me 4 posts in 4 days. Don't expect this normally, I'm just making up for having been rubbish over the holidays.
 To day is not a fabricy post (well i may add some at the end) but about doors. 
Not a real door (at least i don't think it is).
 I've been meaning to take a picture of this for quite a while as i love it.
Fairy's or pixies - the children are not sure!

OK, to keep you happy here is fabric. A cushion top - question is do i do the second one exactly the same. Do i do it the same but have the fabrics in a different order, or do i (using the same fabrics) try a different pattern? I would appreciate you thoughts!
(please excuse my carpet, it needs a hoover, but then when doesn't it!)

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

News article

What ho,
 I found this in the Metro yesterday
Its an exhibition of quilts - showing how they have changed from practical things to an art form.
Its at lemington spa gallery and museum until jan13th - visit for opening times and that.

It made a nice change to read something nice in the paper!

I have got started on my 1st project of the year - a Christmas gift for my sister-in-law. OK its late but as my brother was working away this Christmas we are having a belated Christmas with them in early Feb!

It has meant I've found yet another use for my dissection scalpel!

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Resolved to sew 2013

I had a look back at my sewing resolutions from last year as a prompt to any i make for this year, 
again i ask myself where do i want to go with it, do i stay with the familiar or try something new? 
Last year i said I'd
  • Create at least one item every week (unless there is a major crisis or i get to go on holiday, the chance of which would be a fine thing!) -
 mostly achieved - i think i will keep this resolution for this year too.
  • As i love making small dresses, i will make some and put them up for sale, i will not worry that they are not good enough, they seem to resist destruction by tiny!
 I made some frocks but haven't sold many (mostly union jack ones). I shall persevere with this one, i have too much fabric not too!
  •  I will attempt to do a couple of more craft fairs this year, not just at Christmas (this will give me some serious bum shifting motivation!)
 ok, this one was abit of a fail, i did do 3 craft fairs but they were all at christmas. i am thinking about doing the cov transport museum on at easter though!
I could say that i will use up my fabric stash and not get anything else till its used, but i always find i need something to help finish off so 
  • i will do my best to not buy excessive amounts 
 OK, i'll admit it - total fail on this one! i could try again but i just like fabric, ALOT!
and, on a trying something new theme
  • i will attempt to create a pattern for a dress for tiny using newspaper like my mum used to do 

 This was a fail too, i did give a couple of how too's though. Prehaps i'll start with something smaller than a frock!

And so, pretty much like last year  you can look forward to seeing what i make every week, Point and laugh as i get in a total mess, see just mow much mess i can create and you never know you may get a tutorial!

Fingers crossed!

Monday, 7 January 2013

A somewhat belated Happy new year!

What ho,
 its my first day back at work and my first day back at the big computer. I still can't believe christmas as been and gone! think i'm somewhere in mid december still!
 I did very very little over the holiday, i had the lurgy and i'm still pooped!
So here for your amusement is a selection of pictures from my break!
look what my children used as a fairy!

pretty xmas dec i got in a swap


Big Blaze mascot!

home made donkey ears

i make a Shepard don't i!

Donkey tail

Tiny in her Christmas dress

bun net tiny got for Christmas - crocheted by mums friend :)
Well i think that covers it!