Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Out and about

Last night i went out and about - well, I wasn't at home.
 I went to a COW (creative open workshop).
After locating the small but cosy and lovely (and fabric filled) studio i had a nice cuppa while we waited for the other lady doing the workshop arrived. there were only 2 of us so we had loads of space!
we were making these:
fabric storage box

 So i selected some fabrics to make it in and ironed on interfacing

a white

and a black - handles added in the white

all my edges neatly cut to size

lining fabric selected and cut
outsides all sewn together - interfacing gives it shape

lining all sewn together
outside of my box - i used orange to sew the lining in.

the lining
The workshop was fun, friendly and i will be going again, wonder what I'll make next time! The box is for my lad, he doesn't get as many things made for him as tiny does. hope he likes it!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Friends swap

Once again i joined in the the friends swap organised by Khristina from over at sew prim khris.
I was paired with the lovely Ingrid who blogs here (thank you google translate!)

I received my parcel last night when i got in from doing a fitness class on ice (yes it sounds odd but was lots of fun!) 

F - is for fabric - beautiful oranges (my fav) with a complementary purple
R - is for ricrac (perfect for small people sewing)
I -is for inches
E - is for extra needles (always handy)
N - is for needlebook (Oh, its soooooo pretty!)

D- is for dutch and drops - dutch sweeties - yum
S -is for scissors, I've always eyed this sort up at fairs.

Thank you Ingrid for being a fab swap partner and thanks to Khris for organising it so fantastically again. x

Monday, 13 August 2012

Tinys dress hoo har and a christmas thing!

What ho!
I made tiny a dress, nothing new there then. I though it was a nice dress. It follows this pattern from crafterhours and used fabric i got from the lovely kitschy coo

BUT - tiny didn't like it! The first time I've made her something that she didn't like. 
I felt rejected! i though it was cute!
Her big brother suggested a frill (i do wonder about him sometimes!) and she said that would make it better so a frill was added

this appears to have made all the difference!
 Well, after that hoo har i went for something easy, soakies for skates and some for tinys new white boots too.

continuing on the skate theme i made a Christmas decoration - a skate. what do you think? 

does it need a trim around the top - small pom poms or some fluff? 
you thoughts gratefully received.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

craftspace In:site

I haven't been very creative this week (as you can tell!0 but in the centre of Birmingham creativity has been on the up. A graduate festival of creativity if going on in the cathedral churchyard (better known as pigeon park!)
Its called In:site and they have invited new graduates to come and produce a piece of original artwork in the space.  Lots more info is available on their site, you can find out about the artists and their artworks.

but here are some of the pictures I've taken as i have been going past too and from work. Its still happening this week and the art will be in place til Sunday/Monday am.

yarn bombed bench

doesn't it look good with the rain

tree shawl

artists working yesterday

pretty i wish leaves,

do visit if you get the chance, (i totally love that bench!)

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

The gallery - sport

Its been a while since i joined in with the gallery but i had to today - 

Thats my lad in the white helmet - (being tripped by the other player!) he looks so like a real hockey player!

my package arrived

He he, just before i left work yesterday a package arrived for me - swap goodies!

Lucky me! thank you Gill.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

more swaps

What ho all,
As i know my swap partner has received her parcel for Laa Laa's all things British swap, today i shall show you all what was in it.

A Union Flag bag (lined with blue cupcakey fabric), a red phone box phone cover, buttoney fridge magnets made by my cousin in welsh wales, a couple of key rings (a pink union flag heart and a Cadburys chocolate one), some Cath Kidson fabric and badges and finally in the blue paper is a bar of locally produced chocolate (yes Cadburys but i do live near!)

Monday, 6 August 2012

Bullys latest outfit!

OK, you know i can't resist it. i love showing you all what bully, the bullrings bull is wearing! so far he's had a Christmas jumper and a union jack outfit but now bully has got into the Olympic spirit and is going to gold in the bull swimming events thanks to speedo!

School holidays-synchronised sleeping!

Its school holiday time, as I'm sure most of you are aware!
I have managed very little due to the large Olympic type distraction and the 2 small child shaped distractions!
They have got into the Olympic spirit too, they joined in with a 50M dash in Birmingham's Victoria square on Friday (just a bit of fun but it did cause arguments because he won and then she said they both won because she was on his team and he said she wasn't etc etc, you get the picture!)

no idea why they decided to race back afterwards, and the little girl in pink who was racing them just followed!)!

Then they then did abit of synchronised sleeping while i finished off this for tiny, a skate skirt which she can go to the loo by herself in (the whole skate dress is too hard for her to manage!) and boot covers to match!
 (please excuse the mess, it is school holidays after all!)