Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Silk and wool

Morning all, a quick post
Some things not made by me this time. I've been elbow deep in black Lycra but it not done yet so as a treat! here's some things my auntie made for me
she dyed this my favourite colour - 
and she drew this owly picture too - on silk
(sorry about my dreadful photo taking)

And now the wool. I should have done this a few weeks ago but this Christmas at church they did a KNIT-ivity, thought it would make you smile 

wise men
inn keeper


Mary, Joesph and the baby

Shepard's and their sheep
I love them and so did all the children!
they also had the Twelve days of Christmas knitted up too,


Wednesday, 7 January 2015

January catch up - inc stocking swap

Hello all,
Hope you've all had a good start to the new year and if you've made them you are keeping your resolutions.
We ended up with making them for each other - I have been told i have to do some exercise and in return the kids have to keep their rooms tidy! not sure it will last long!
I put the sewing machine away as usual over Christmas - if i didn't we'd have bits of thread in our Christmas lunches.
Its back out again now but here is some Christmas makes

'frozen' item!

prints for bedtime
A selection of clothes i made for niece. she had her owl outfit on after lunch!

more cats

Tiny got Fimo for Christmas so she has been making - i had to join in and followed instructions that she NEEEEEEEEDEEEEDDD a pink triceratops!

Anyways - enough of my making - 
I did a blog stocking swap with the lovely Nora@home
this is what i got sent (lucky me!)

Lots and lots of lovely Orangyness :) (yes the chocolate orange was nearly gone by the time i took pictures)and a totally awesome tardis rug mug!
Massive thank yous they are fab. 

anyway, TTFN

Monday, 22 December 2014

Bullies christmas outfit

Hi all,
Well, as some of you may know i like to follow what outfit our bull is wearing - and by our bull i mean the big bull statue outside the bull ring in Birmingham.
This year he is dressed up as a ginger bread man!
Merry Christmas everyone. x

Friday, 19 December 2014

December so far......

 Yet again i have been a blog failure. I keep meaning to do it but never getting there, and worse i make things, wrap them up and send them off and then think - poop i didn't take a picture!

Well I have been making
I did a few more neck snuggies and made some star shaped baby wraps. I borrowed my next door neighbours small boy to test the pattern so he needed one to. I'm hoping to catch him using it at some point and take a snap!

This is something i received last year - i made similar for the teachers. Marsh mallows in the head, hot choc in the middle and chocolate snowmen in the bottom. hope they like them.

I did Christmas tree bunting for my tree ( a real one this year - but no skull on the top!)

I've made presents (no peaking Marianne)

cushions with pockets for story books!

And i made 30 pixie outfits in 24hrs! (more or less)

this was my plan
and this is tiny wearing hers
This was for the ice skating show that tiny and my lad were in  again this year. It was cinerfella (yes FELLA). nothing like abit of last minute costume sorting!
 anyway, if i don't manage to get back before then have a fab Christmas or what ever you celebrate at this time of year and a merry new year. xx

Friday, 28 November 2014


Well its been ages. 

I been meaning to blog for the last 2 weeks but have just failed generally!

 I did a craft fair with mum at the coventry transport museum - as you can see, making things for this has had me busy


Also been putting things togeather for a swap

Made some more neck warmer thingys for my friends girls

and i have also been busy at work - yesterday was most exciting - we had the telly people in the lab - with this chap presenting

Its Dr Chris - hes a lovely chap - made a little video for one of Tiny's skating friends who loves his show (operation ouch).
anyway - hoefully i'll get round to blogging again before 2015!

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Time pls

How do,
I had a go at something new (always exciting). I've seen a few of these on the interweb and though i'd like to have a go.

We've also had halloween - this is my 5min spider outfit! and i won a prize! (possibly because i was the only grown up on the ice that was stupid enough to dress up).
 and finally - Tiny has been busy making these bead things (the ones you iron and they stick togeather). anyone into minecraft may recognise - AshDuhb, Stampy and iballisticSquid!)

Thursday, 30 October 2014

not dead

 I'm not dead, work has just been hectic!
I have also been abit of a making things failure.
its mainly been cake - see below!
pumpkin carving

these are elephant cakes!

apparently these are ocelots!

big chocolate cake for my Friends little girl, shes gluten free like me!


testing multicoloured threads

more cake! - we had work birthdays
so as you can see, lots of cake and not much else, hopefully now I've had a little break (half term) i can get going again. TTFN!