Tuesday, 31 March 2015


its been 3 weeks since i blogged. i kept meaning too but being too busy.
Ok so - since i blogged last i have done making, been to the sewing show at the NEC and sewed a little bit more - 
so here it all is..........

One of Tinys teachers was leaving to have a baby so with one evening to get it done i produced a gift for tiny to take for her!

Went to the sewing show at the NEC, i got lots of cat fabric for Tiny (what a suprize) and saw a partial (91%) eclipse -

you can see its reflection from the camera projected onto the building - cool!
my friend @laughingsnail at BOM

She was doing bioprospecting - its looking at what bugs grow from different bits of our city and plotting it on a map, an art/science mash up
tiny got a new skate skirt

dinosaur and scooby doo skate covers

and some for Velma!!!!

Its quite interesting trying to take a picture of your own leg!!!

And finally - A skate dress for a friends eldest girl - using the bottom half that i made for a different dress but it was too small, nothing like recycling!
Well, hopefully i'll blog before another 3 weeks is up!

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

More skating

How Do,

Well i managed a reasonably quick make for me - a skate dress for my friends middle girl.

Late on Friday i couldn't decide if it was OK, 
So i took it skating and gave it to its new owner, little B, who  (as her mother put it) almost wet herself with excitement! - apparently it took some persuading to get it off her later for swimming!!!

Just need to finish one for her big sister now!

Friday, 6 March 2015

Book day

How Do,
I've had conectivity issues this week but i'm back intime to do a post of book day costumes - 

He wanted to be King Arthur - 

So knitted mail,  a tunic and foil covered hockey leg guards created this look!
I knitted the arm bit and my mum did the head one.
Tiny wanted to be puss in boots - again!
Last years (or the year befores i can't remember) outfit had gotten abit small so i chopped the legs off to make a top with tail - i did her a tunic too

Managed to get her tail to stick out from her tunic as well.
 Well hope you all had a good book day,

Monday, 23 February 2015

Baby gifts

I was going to show you all these last week but failed totally! (nothing new there then!)
I have 3 friends having babies in march so i made the gifts for their baby showers - 

Nappy and wipe wraps - went down well :)
I've also been knitting chain mail! the lad wants to be King Arthur for book day!

hoping its looks OK when its done!

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Weeping barbie

How do, i've been meaning to blog all week but have failed fo far.
I wanted to show you all something Tiny made on sunday. We went to leicester space centre for Doctor Who day. She made this

at the space centre

here she is, working hard

Its a weeping angel. If your into doctor who you'll understand just how scarey this is! (the image of an angel is an angel!) i'm just glad she put her tiny Dalek to keep an eye on it!

I've been making too
a birthday gift for my work chum

cake for my lads bake off! (it sold very quickly apparently)

a test version of a skate dresss.
I wonder why the test version made up easily but the proper version (which i'll show you when its done) is being a pain in the butt!

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Silk and wool

Morning all, a quick post
Some things not made by me this time. I've been elbow deep in black Lycra but it not done yet so as a treat! here's some things my auntie made for me
she dyed this my favourite colour - 
and she drew this owly picture too - on silk
(sorry about my dreadful photo taking)

And now the wool. I should have done this a few weeks ago but this Christmas at church they did a KNIT-ivity, thought it would make you smile 

wise men
inn keeper


Mary, Joesph and the baby

Shepard's and their sheep
I love them and so did all the children!
they also had the Twelve days of Christmas knitted up too,


Wednesday, 7 January 2015

January catch up - inc stocking swap

Hello all,
Hope you've all had a good start to the new year and if you've made them you are keeping your resolutions.
We ended up with making them for each other - I have been told i have to do some exercise and in return the kids have to keep their rooms tidy! not sure it will last long!
I put the sewing machine away as usual over Christmas - if i didn't we'd have bits of thread in our Christmas lunches.
Its back out again now but here is some Christmas makes

'frozen' item!

prints for bedtime
A selection of clothes i made for niece. she had her owl outfit on after lunch!

more cats

Tiny got Fimo for Christmas so she has been making - i had to join in and followed instructions that she NEEEEEEEEDEEEEDDD a pink triceratops!

Anyways - enough of my making - 
I did a blog stocking swap with the lovely Nora@home
this is what i got sent (lucky me!)

Lots and lots of lovely Orangyness :) (yes the chocolate orange was nearly gone by the time i took pictures)and a totally awesome tardis rug mug!
Massive thank yous they are fab. 

anyway, TTFN