Wednesday, 24 September 2014


What ho,
I've been meaning to get a picture to show you for ages but until today i have failed.

In the first week of the summer holidays we ( me and the minions) went with my dad to a car boot sale. We wondered round and then Tiny spotted something.

My dad had given each of them some money to spend so she enquired how much the item of interest was from the lady running the stall. It was labled as £1 but being small and cute she got her desired item for 50p.

She promptly said it was for me
Its a kitty (Tinys favorite) and its sewing so, it must be a mummy kitty!

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

in site 2014

How do all,
 Last week they had the in site 2014  at the cathedral in Birmingham. I was going to blog last week but failed! 
Its organised by craftspace and this is the third (could be fourth) one that i've visited.
This year 15 new temporary art works have been created around the cathedral - with public participation encouraged.

Looking forward to next years :)

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Skating and my bad photos

How Do!
I know i've been quiet over the summer but i did make things honest!
I tried my hand at doing a pair of ice skating trousers for a friends son. It has a zip fly and everything - well chuffed i am. i used the jalie - skate pants pattern.
I love their patterns for leotards/skate dresses etc.
Anyway - here they are
i tried to get an action shot but missed!

not quite central but at least in the picture!

Preparing for a jump!

Thursday, 4 September 2014

barrel pencil case

What ho,
Finally i've got round to blogging!
The Kiddy winks are back at school and as usual i've made them pencil cases.
 This year i got the chance to make something with some lovely fabric called drift by Angela Walters sent to me by the lovely Fiona at the sewing directory.
I made Barrel style pencil cases - and the tutorial for them is on the sewing directory site (v.proud)

I also made one in book worm fabric as my son wasn't impressed with the nice but 'girly' fabrics.

lovely fabrics but not to my boys taste!

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

catch up on the festival of quilts

Hi all,
I had planned to blog last week but time got away from me again - well really i was enjoying having the house to myself for a week and watching lots and lots of doctor who!

Me and my Mum went to the festival of quilts. It was mums first trip and she was wow'd by the quilts. 

We also did a workshop - It was a book cover - run by Christine Porter (

we used new modern machines, mum struggled with the speed of hers (some one had made it slow and we couldn't work out how to make it faster!).
I struggled with the foot - it was lowered by a button not a lever - most confusing!

Mum working hard with some of the lovely helpers in the background)
This is what we made - it used some fantastic multicoloured threat from the Cotton patch (yes i went shopping and got some other colour blends!)

whilst sewing it
I didn't get it finished but did that at home - just have to decided which side i want as the front


Wednesday, 30 July 2014


What ho,
I've been away and as yet haven't gotten started on anything post holiday.

We didn't go far, me and the children went to the Hotel L' Mum and Dad!
Its fab, food is cooked for you, tea and coffee on tap and presented to you in bed. child care included. washing gets done, etc etc. (thanks mummy and daddy!)

As i didn't have a sewing machine i did knitting, it made a pleasant change and i do need to knit more,

I can't show you what i knitted (its for a swap) but I'm quite chuffed with the results and i also had loads and loads of left over wool for mum to use up.
anyways - hope you are all enjoying the weather, I'm finding it abit too hot and did enjoy going skating with my lad and Tiny on Sunday (hubby also came along for a good cool down!)

Friday, 18 July 2014

Cake and frocks

What ho,
Tiny had her birthday so i made her cake and a frock

 Oh yes, she loves twirling in it. we had a fantastic pant display while she twirled (he he)

 Yes, ice skating Dinosaurs where a feature of her cake
and yesterday i made a 'better late than never' birthday frock for my niece, hope it fits!

yes, she loves cats too!