Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Dress making

I know i have made clothes for me before but its something i'm still reluctant to do, i'm never sure just how to get it to fit properly and how do you follow all those instructions on those papery patterns and darts!!!!!!! 
Well due to an offer by KGB deals i signed up to 3 frock making lessons with the ever so loverly Ellie B
Well, i had the choice of frock or skirt so went for frock, a basic shift dress. I chose a light weight demin to make it in and headed off to my class. Ellie is the most loverly and fantastic lady, although i've only had 1 lesson i would recomend her to anyone wanting to learn abit of well, anything crafty with fabric!

We started with an explaination of the pattern, then it was pinned onto the fabric with a bit extra added for my 'chunky' waist (i use the term waist loosely as i don't really have one, just how are you ment to go in at the middle, there are too many bones in the way!). This adding a bit extra was something i'd been wanting to learn. 
I did test runs of the darts on some left over fabric and them put them into my dress. The back ones were fine and i top stitched them in red to give my frock a little detail. The ones for the front need a little tailering and i'll be getting on with that next friday. I'll keep you updated and of course will how you the finished thing, just need to find myself a thick red belt to wear with it, as i think it will finish 'the look'.


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