Thursday, 26 May 2011

little dress

The loverly louise over at sewscrumptious is cordinating the collection of dresses for the 'dressing a girl around the world' charity (cos every little girl deserves a dress of her own).
Heres my one, although i may get round to some more!
And yes this really is a pillow case dress as i used an old pillow cse to make it!

An end

The we are birmingham shop, which i sell some of the things i make in, is to close. Not completely but i'll no longer have an outlet for my small scale sewing, Its annoying too cos i've just made some things to go in the store

Yes, that 2 wrap skirts (a large and a medium) 3 pairs of shorts, 2 reverable dresses, 2 of those pretty baby bonnets (a 0-3month and a 3-12 month) and a pile of fortune cookies that don't have a home, as well as a pile of baby cardigans my mum knitted!.
Also there is probably somethings at the shop which i'll have to collect as well!

So the big question is, should i open a folksy shop. Do you think the things would sell ok? or should i just stock pile it all till my hubby goes insane! your thoughs would be very welcome.

And the winner is....

Last night before bed and after making cake we chopped up lots of little bits of paper with numbers on,
 then they swirled the papers

and with eyes closed a number was picked
Try as i might i failed to get the number in focus -
So the winner is number 36 - Yorkie mom.
Then my lad said it was only fiar if his little sister got to pick one and that we NEEEEEEEEEEEEEDED a runner up so she selected number 147 - Lynn, for whom i'll sort out a smaller but equally 'interesting' (note the quotation marks indicating the word interesting being used in its widest way!) fabric pile.
A big sorry to all the losers, hope you enjoyed visiting and hope to see you again.
Heres the cakes by the way!

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

the gallery - my backyard

 time for the gallery again (if your looking for my giveaway go here), if your new to the gallery all is explained here
Anyway my picture this week is as follows.

 yes, the grass is long and covered in toys and the rabbits take up half of it but its ours.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Mayday giveaway

Well its giveaway day, Heres what you could gain for your stash

 Its the same pile in each photo, i just moved the camera about abit so you could see it all.
There is some ribbon, needles, silver pegs, beads and fabric
The fabric, most of which is about a quater of a meter (mostly long quaters but i've not measured them so they are not exact) include some micheal miller truck stuff, pink/orangy flowery stuff. Some cath kidson boat fabric. Some dancing skeleton fabric, some cherrys i picked up in barcelona, some other flowery stuff and a grey leafy bit from ikea. There is also some icecream and dinosaur flannels. 
So thats 9 bits in total (YES 9)!!!!!!!!!
Also poped in a homemade head band, a little knitted flower and am going to pop it into a homemade bag to keep it all safe! (the red hippoy thing)

So if you fancy winning this do any  the following:
A) leave me a comment saying something nice!

B) Tweet this give away mentioning @neutronel and comment saying you have
(seperate comment please, makes it easier for me)

C) mention this on your blog and then come back and tell me you have.

It'll leave this open till 6pm (BST) may 25th (my birthday by the way!) and get my random number generator (AKA my son, kids are as random as you get!) to select one before bedtime to be announced on the 27th. Please come back and check or make sure i can contact you.

Do go an visit the others joining in at sewmamasew

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Shareing my loot

well i've discovered that may the 23rd is
Organised by sewmamasew lots of people gave giveaways on the same day so you get a chance to rush around lots of blogs entering and finding new blogs to read and follow.
As the giveaways end on the 25th (which is my birthday) I've decided to join in. Not quite decided what i'll be giving away (need to have a hunt through my stash) but come back on manday and see whats on offer.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The gallery - Mustachioed.

Here is my thoughts on this weeks gallery

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Baby gift

I made a present for a friend whose just had a dinky little baby girl, as i don't have a baby to model it for me i roped in the loverly 'kissing disease' bacteria that lives on my desk. She liked it!

Monday, 16 May 2011


i found over on the fabric lofts blog that she'd tried making fortune cookies in fabric. It looked fun and easy to do so i gave it ago, it seemed to work well so i'll pass on how i did it (the my version of it).
cut a felt circle, a fabric circle, a small rectangle of felt (smaller than the diameter of the circle) and a bit of wire (about the same length as the rectangle, i used some that the kids toys were held into boxes with. my dad uses it in the garden so i keep it!)

  using fabric glue, cover the rectangle in glue. fold the felt circle in half and place the wire in the bend. open it up keeping the wire in place and glue the rectangle over it.
put the fabric circle on top of that (rectangle inside) and sew round it.
fold it in half and bend into cookie shape.

As you can see i got a little over excited and made lots!
just need to make some little paper mottos to slip inside now.....

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

The gallery - Chilled out

How could anything be more relaxing that sitting in a box eating toast!

Monday, 9 May 2011

Another cake

It may have been my lads birthday last weekend but he had his parthy on saturday. We took him and 10 friends (i use the term loosely cos his sister was one of them) tubing at tamworth snow dome. This is where small children wizz down a hill in rubber rings and appear to have lots of fun.

Due to the tubing basis of the party his royal partyness wanted a tubing cake! Cue me on friday frantically baking and trying to come up with something that looked snowy!
I've never made royal icing before but it seemed to come out all right! i went with doing a soft version (with glycerine in) as i though it better for the kids. Then i had to attempt tubes! Hooray for pre coloured icing! A large blob of black icing was transformed into 2 rings and after much ummimg and arrring (i mean about 3 seconds worth) i decided to pop some of his lordships toys on the tubes rather than attempt to model some people out of icing!
It turned out quite well i think!
I haven't been up to much else as i've managed to break my sewing machien! the fabric i sent through was just a bit too thick for it to deal with and it bent the needle and now if used it maked an interesting metal scrapping noise! I sent it home with my mum and dad  for a service as thats what they are getting me for my birthday, i get such interesting birthday gifts these days! I've borrowed my mums machien in the mean time so sewing will be slower while i adjust to the different machien, hope i have something to show you soon. x

The Sewing Directory: Special offer which you can share on your blog

The Sewing Directory: Special offer which you can share on your blog

Just thought i'd share this with all of you, its a top offer which i will be taking them up on as i have 'borrowed' pinking shears (my mums) and managed to 'cut' a pin with my sissors so now they have a loverly dent in them!

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The gallery - April

Well for me april has seemed to be one long holiday, so here are my kids having a great time on their easter/april break
Guess where we went!


Well i finally recieved my easter swap parcel. This is due to my parcel being sent to work and no one being there over the extremely long holiday!
I was paired with wendy who sent me these loverly things.
what beautiful parcels, i was very excited, and upon opening them i wasn't disappointed,

 (notice that the chcolate bar has gone AWOL!)
Thank you wendy and thank you to laa laa for organising the swap.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Birthday cake

Well, its been a busy weekend as my lad had his 6th birthday, i can't beleieve he is 6 already!
I did my motherly duty and made cake, covered it in chocolate icing, sugar cars etc and candles.

the general opinion was yum yum.
We also took a trip to the black country museum which (if anyone is interested) is doing a great deal at the moment, gift aid your visit and you can go again, as many times as you want within the year for free!
Anyway, the reason i mention it is because my 2 got to try out some maypole dancing. We used to do this at school when we were little and they enjoyed it alot although boy did complain that his sister wasn't very fast and he had to skip slowly behind her. she didn't skip but galloped and amused me no end! I think it should be brought back into schools, if only to keep parents entertained!