Monday, 4 July 2011

Pattern testing again

I did another pattern test over the weekend for DMK patterns (i did one before - see here) This time for a little romper suit. I let tiny into the fabric stash and she selected  rfabric for me to make it with. While i was at it i made a smaller one for my friends little girl for her birthday.

The pockets were abit tricky 

But they do look good, as do the little elastic caseings on the legs
This is the finished gift for my friends little girl
And this is the one i made for tiny

Only if i make one again, it will have to be darker as small girls with pale bottoms will always find mud to sit in!!!
Tiny loves it, what do you think? should i make her another one? and what colour should i go for?

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  1. Looks lovely and cool...

    Congrats - You've Won the Plant Markers on my Blog - will email you for address X


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