Tuesday, 19 July 2011


I've been busy making things for the swaps i'm involved with but i don't want to show you until they have been recieved by their new owners (rae and helen moonstruck can i have your addresses please!) 
Instead i'm going to show you tinys friend who she took to her birthday party on saturday.
It may have been a teddy bear adventure but Tiny insisted on taking her ferret! They all had a fab time at the parkridge centre in bruton park solihull. They all went hunting for nice things for their various animals liked to eat and then built shelters for them before a nice birthday tea. I would recomend it to anyone who lives round there who is in need of a kiddies party, something completely different (they do fairy hunts, bug hunts, pond dipping etc partys too!) and Tiny now has an adopted dormouse for the year. She insists that the dormouse is a pink one - obvious really!

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  1. awww she's adorable with her stuffed ferret but of course a pink dormouse is a must .. :)


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