Monday, 11 July 2011


Well i've been abit rubbish this week, only one post last monday and then nothing. I usually try and get atleast 2 posts in a week. I've been abit off this last week, very tired, snoring alot (according to hubby!) and feeling generally yuk. Not totally yuk but just a little bit yuk. It means i've been sitting on my backside alot rather than doing anything much. I get like that sometimes, I have a massive pile of things i want to make but there is never enough time, the day job gets in the way rather alot but it does pay the bills and allows me to play with chemicals and blood (add vampire type laugh here!)

Although i say i've been up to nothing i did manage to finish off 2 dresses i made for a friends 2 girls. I don't know if any of you remember (and you probably won't cos you have your own life to be getting on with which are far more exciting) tinys bustle back dress which if you can view if your interested! Afetr seeing it my friend asked if i could make some for her girls, i agreed and set too trying to adjust the pattern, which was approx an aged 3ish pattern, for a 6 year old and a 6month old!!!!!!
Good job the pattern is quite forgiving and her 6 year old is slim. i couldn't get my lad to test this dress for me (not even for sweeties!) which shows just how girly it is!
I'd like to apologies in advance for the photos, i snapped the quickly on my grubby green carpet yesterday before popping them round to my chums house. I really hope they fit!


  1. These are so cute! Can't wait to see them on!

  2. Gorgeous, my daughter would sell her brothers for a dress like that! As for 'grubby carpet', I think they call that 'family carpet' (glad we're not the only family with one of those LOL).


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