Monday, 25 July 2011

Monday Monday

What ho all, Its monday again and as usual i've been slacking over the weekend.
Friday was tinys birthday, Her big brother had been weaving a basket at after school club, which he gave to her as an extra gift! (its in the middle of the pictures as tiny insisted her new miffy slipper were in the shot too!

On saturday instead of sewing i went for a horsey riding lesson (Hooray for groupon!). Me and the kiddy winks went, i now have a sore bum but it was lots of fun. we have another in a couple of weeks!

I'm ok at it but then i have ridden before (girl guide trip about 20 years ago!!!). The boy is abit of a natural and tiny spent the whole time giggling!
I also recieved a message saying that my boys shorts (avalible on folksy here ) had been featured on an alternative folksy friday put togeather by cheerymishmash - cheers!
Yesterday i did do some sewing - i finally started on something for myself. I bort the fabric ages ago but just haven't got round to it. The skirt i'm making is one of those things that you think will take ages, despite having made one before which didn't takelong at all!

Its half done, just needs a 'bottom'. I also cut out another in some fab orangy fabric i have, its the one the chicken on the end is made from
Well, wonder what i'll get made this week?

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