Wednesday, 20 July 2011

The gallery - Vintage

Hi all, Today i have 2 pictures for the gallery
First - My cake mixing bowl
It belonged to my Great Auntie Dorry (short for Doris) who was one of my mums mums sisters (nanni was one of 10). Dorry never had any children of her own so my mum and other cousins were always spoiled by her. We used to visit her and stay with her when i was little. When she moved into a home, my dad and i cleared her home, sending vartious bits of furniture off to different relatives who wanted/needed it. I gained this bowl, it may not be that exciting but its fantastic for making cake!

The other picture i have for you is a shot of my special coffee spoons. I aquired them a good few years ago at a church bazeer (sorry if i've spelt that wrong). My mum (and therefore I) would help run the second time around stall and i gained many an interesting item over the years of helping on the stall. These spoons were there one year and i couldn't resist. I've never used them, maybe one day when the kids are older (and have less chance of loosing or eating them) i'll get them out!
They have little red or green coffee beans on the end!


  1. Love the mixing bowl, Im looking out for one of those

  2. Great items, I love having vintage kitchen stuff :)


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