Thursday, 14 July 2011

poorly tiny and some swap stuff

What ho chaps! 
Tiny has been ill this week. She went on her visit to big school (she starts reception next sept) on tuesday am. I dropped her off at nursery afterwards and about an hour later i got the call. She has a temperature and only ate one dinner rather than the usual 2! 
I had yesterday off with her too, no work work got done but i did manage to get on with making some things for the swaps i'm involved with, If you don't want a sneeky peak look away now

In the works of rolf harris - can you tell what it is yet????
Tiny has gone off to stay with my mum and dad for a couple of days to get well before her big birthday party on saturday! (AAAARRRRRGGGGG justrealised i have cake to make!)


  1. a pair of dungerees.... well, it's a lovely choice of fabric, whatever it is....
    I'm a new follower, but your facebook isn't showing at the moment.... I hope you've baked the cake :)
    Sue Xxx


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