Thursday, 21 July 2011

Blood and cake

Yesterday i escaped a little early from work to do something i consider to be important. I visited this place
I've been getting very polite begging letters for a while cos i rubbish at getting the time to go, but yesterday i followed the sign

I know some people are scared of needles but it really isn't that bad. The staff are loverly and yes, it does hurt a little but i like to think of why i'm doing it, just how much more pain the people who need my blood are in. I signed up to give blood when i went to university, and there have been times when i couldn't give any (pieceings, tatoos, pregnancy - you can find the list here) but i've always returned. 
Since then i've had friends who have needed to have blood (one during a traumatic birth) and i've been thankful that people have donated theirs to help my friends. I like to think that one day the blood will be there if I or my children or frends etc need it. And if i want it to be there for them then i have to give too and encurrage others to give aswell so go sign up today!
And if you need any more encurragement these pictures should help - 
You can get fab stickers for the kids and you get a nice cup of tea and a snack afterwards.
Ok its not this sort of cake
 (i baked it last night for tinys at nursery birthday party today!) but there is a nice choice of biscuit, chocolatey wafer things, crisps and fruit (although i'm not sure who would want fruit, if you need an excuse to scoff biccys then giving blood is it!)

So - go give blood - do something amasing, only 4 % of people who can, give blood but we all rely on it!


  1. Brilliant, I wanted to give blood but I am not able to! Did you ever see Tony Hancock in The Blood Donor? You can see it on You Tube! So funny it is to die at! lol!


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